Zero waste Herbal Rooms Homestay

Zero waste Herbal Rooms Homestay

Zero waste is actually not a new concept. In my family we have been practicing it since ever. And we continue doing it at Herbal Rooms Homestay. We took some initiatives to become zero waste accommodation. “Zero waste” is not just a trend, it is our true lifestyle. 

Eco-friendly Herbal Rooms Homestay

When we established Herbal Rooms Homestay we actually used former children rooms (me and my brother moved away and the whole upper floor was empty so my father came up with an idea to renovate the rooms and rent them out to eco-conscious travelers who are visiting Soca valley) in our family house in Plave village which are nowadays rooms for our guests. At ones we can accommodate 5 guests. We did not build new rooms and spent thousands of euros but we renovated and furnished them in eco-friendly way.

Herbal Rooms Homestay are very simple eco-friendly lodging. All rooms have natural furniture and wooden roofs (very unique!). Bed, table, wardrobe, hanging hook, chairs, energy saving lights, trash bin, guest room slippers, herbal potpourri, herbal soaps with a paper band around, and a plant are carefully planned elements you find in the room for your chillaxing time and beauty sleep 😉 Of course, fresh air access windows lead you to the balcony. At the corridor there is air-condition which cools down the whole house during hot summer time. To warm the rooms in the winter, there is a wood stove which heats the whole house. In the summer, it’s possible to sunbathe between fragrant aromatic herbs garden.

Ivan, my father, is a practical man and his hands are magical. We always laugh that he thinks what should be done and the thing is already done. He created hand-crafted wooden bedroom sets (wooden wardrobe, stand up trees for the jackets, wooden chairs and trash bin) using local materials, a wood, from extensive woods of the Trnovo and Banjšice plateau (35 minutes’ drive from Herbal Rooms Homestay). In each room a reusable table is placed in the corner.

Karmen, my mum, has a great instinct for small details. She is herbalist and deals with medicinal plants, leaves and flowers very gently. She created herbal potpourri in a glass jar, crocheted a key holder and filled it with dried herbs she picked in the neighboring meadows and family herbal garden in front of Herbal Rooms Homestay. During the times when my parents got married, it was very common to give to future wife and husband lots of bed linen with Idria lace and colorful towels for a dowry. And the quality back then was better in comparison with bed linen we can buy in huge shopping malls nowadays.

At Herbal Rooms Homestay we do not use dryer but the sun and wind dry bed linen 🙂

At Herbal Rooms Homestay recycling is easy. We collect separately more than 70 % of the garbage. Step by step we say goodbye to the single-dose and disposable packages and we replace them with reusable bags made out of curtains. We compost our food leftovers (if you have a compost at your place, the bill for collecting waste is lower!), collect and reuse rainwater for watering vegetable and herbal garden. In early spring we prepare plants from the seeds (tomatoes, chilly, beetroot, leek, marigold, basil, sunflower, etc.). We buy local products directly from the local artisans in Soca valley or neighboring regions (honey, cheese salami, seasonal fruit, etc.).

Herbal Rooms Homestay is a good example of eco-friendly accommodation in Soca valley, Slovenia to visit and to learn more on the topic of waste reduction despite the fact it does not have any zero waste label.

Eco-friendly services at Herbal Rooms Homestay

At Herbal Rooms Homestay we provide herbal walks here guests learn how to recognize medicinal plants in the nature so as educational classes how to plant plants from the seeds, and DIY hand-on workshops (natural cosmetics, lavender pouches, herbal pillows, herbal blends, etc.).

Learn how to plant plants from the seeds while staying at Herbal Rooms Homestay

Discover Herbal Rooms Homestay, far away from the city husle and busle life, surrounded by stunning vegetable and herbal garden, it is ideal place for those who want following the good sustainability practices and to spend a regenerating holiday in contact with nature. It is also a perfect spot for those who don’t like using their car, but prefer walking, biking or using public means of transport. Digital detox at your request!

Dear guest staying at Herbal Rooms Homestay, what you as an eco-friendly traveler can take today to become a zero waste traveler?

  • carry to-go containers for food and beverage,
  • collect and recycle trash separately (plastic, paper, glass, organic),
  • avoid single-use plastic bags or reuse plastic bags,
  • stop using disposables,
  • buy in bulk,
  • opt for local seasonal products and visit local markets,
  • drink tap water,
  • watch water and electricity usage (switch off the lights, take shorter showers, treat local water),
  • use power banks instead of batteries,
  • reuse towels at the accommodation,
  • choose public transport or bicycle,
  • obey local rules.

These little adjustments made by you, my dear guest, can make a huge difference, both towards the planet’s health and regarding the costs of Herbal Rooms Homestay.

Thank you for acting in a more sustainable way on holiday and in your everyday life. We show you small but mighty practices at Herbal Rooms Homestay which you can implement at home.

Herbal Rooms Homestay staff

____________Thank you for reading!___________

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