Yummy New Year’s Eve Menu

Yummy New Year’s Eve Menu

According to the weather forecast it is going to be quite freezing on the last day of 2015 all over Slovenia. So, we need to cook a bit heavier food in order to celebrate New Year’s Eve outside.

Here is our New Year’s Eve menu for tantalizing our taste-buds:


Jota is well-known dish from Primorska region. It is a thick bean and sauerkraut hotpot soup mostly eaten during autumn/fall and winter time. All ingredients are cooked in one large pot in order the flavours and juiciness to retail. Save a plate or two of it for a day after New Year’s celebration! 🙂

Home-made štruklji – crackling rolled dumplings with spices and eggs

štruklji typical slovenian dish

Štruklji are traditional Slovene dish made out of dough and various types of filling. They can be served alone, as a side dish to a meat dish or as a dessert. We prepare štruklji by using a recipe from Robi’s grandmother who is coming from Dolenjska region. Her štruklji are made out of cottage cheese, cracklings, eggs and herbs. A glass of Malvazija wine goes well with a plate of home-cooked štruklji.


potica slovenian festive dish

I cannot resist baking another potica this year 🙂 Potica is simply the best festive dessert to finish a great year of 2015.

Written by Vesna on 29th December 2015.

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