Wow -Slocally is now one of the Top Choice in Lonely Planet!!!

Wow -Slocally is now one of the Top Choice in Lonely Planet!!!

It is a great honor to get the latest news that my company Slocally was selected as a Top Choice Things to do in Western Slovenia&The Soča valley in Lonely Planet guide book.  ‪

Why Slocally should be your travel buddy in Slovenia?!

1. Slow travel is our aim!


Slocally promotes Slow Travel Movement in Slovenia. It focuses on dozen of unique travel experiences in which you can experience Slovenia and its extremely hospitable people. In all 4 seasons!!! Just to mention few top 3 creative learning experiences chosen by travelers in 2015:

Let me know when you come to sLOVEnia!

2. Rent-a-local

rent a local soca valley

The idea of Rent-a-local was selected as an existing example of a creative critique to the current environmental, social and economic downsides of conventional tourism, as a participatory, locally oriented, bottom-up alternative. Thumbs up folks!

Rent-a-local for guiding around adrenaline Soca river valley, less visited Vipava valley, Goriška brda gourmet region, peaceful Baška ravine, Karst region or UNESCO Heritage Idrija.

Experience Slovenia with locals!

3. Herbal Rooms*

herbal rooms

Herbal Rooms*are a hotspot for creative local experiences in Slovenia. Why?
I offer a homestay with my family who are herb-pickers, nature lovers, hands-on experience tutors and creators for all travellers who enjoy unique local village flavour. We love learning from our guests so as sharing our knowledge with them.
What is more, family-run Herbal Rooms* are 2 unique scented rooms in Soca valley where herbal aroma fills are 4 corners of a room. You find aromatic dried herbs in pillows, sheets, potpourri and soaps.

Pay a visit to Herbal Rooms* Homestay!

Herbal greetings, Vesna

Written by Vesna on 18th December 2015.

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