Winter Soca valley

Winter Soca valley

Spending winter time in Soca valley? Soca valley is a real winter wonderland to be explored and not to ignore. Soca valley is a region worth a visit during the long winter months. Go skiing, enjoy the silence of the snow-covered landscape, treat yourself with a local cuisine and visit the festivals in the region. By the way, Brda wine region is only a drive away for wine tasting. Enjoy winter Soca valley to its deepest.

My winter top 9 in Soca valley

1. Walking

Have you ever tried walking through the fresh snow? I need to admit that I haven’t tried it yet and snowshoeing is on my bucket list. There is no agency in Upper Soca valley where you could borrow snowshoes. If walking in the snow is not for you, then enjoy in Trenta valley where the whole valley turns white due to the frost or go south and enjoy walking through the vineyards. Another option is walking along Soca river or hiking Mt. Sabotin.

2. Attend a Drežnica festival

I love carnival spirit. This year Drežnica carnival, old traditional carnival of pagan origin, took place on the 10th February 2018. Be part of one of the most unique carnival in Europe. The reason why Drežnica carnival is so special lies in the fact that the carnival is carried out by a group of unmarried boys who are keeping the carnival tradition alive and you will not see Drežnica masks out of this village joining city carnivals around Slovenia or abroad. YOU need to come to Drežnica to experience carnival march of unique masks. The most fascinating and the scariest mask is called the Ugly ones who are running around the village, chasing the children and sprinkling them with ash. Lots of fun, joy and let the spring arrive! Need accommodation in Soca valley? Check our Herbal Rooms Homestay here.

3. Treat your taste buds with local cuisine

Do not miss tasting culinary delights such as frika in Tolmin. But if you intend to come to Soca valley to eat at Hiša Franko you better hurry up and make a reservation now. Hiša Franko where Ana Roš, the world best female chef, prepares mouth-watering 6-9 course menus is closed until March. By the way, you can always attend my Soca valley Food Tour.

4. Drink a coffee at Kanin mountain

Kanin is a mountain range of the Julian Alps on the border between Italy and Slovenia. At the latitude of 2293 meters, it offers country’s best mountain vistas overlooking Adriatic Sea and the Alps. Have a coffee at the highest ski resort area in Slovenia which attracts many skiers from December until late April. Check Kanin up-to-date information here.

5. Following the footprints of The Chronicles of Narnia

Welcome to the magical land of Narnia. In 2007 Hollywood came to Soca valley. The filming location was heavily guarded and all the accommodation was filled to capacity. In the winter time you can have the whole Narnia for yourself. Enjoy this idyllic and peaceful place which can be found between Žaga and Bovec. Need a local guide? Send me an email to and get Soca valley travel itinerary based on your wishes.

6. Admire Kozjak waterfall!

Kozjak waterfall is for sure a waterfall of superlatives. During the summer time Kozjak waterfall is the most visited waterfall in Soca valley. But in the winter time you will have Kozjak waterfall only for yourself. A short walk from Kobarid brings you into a stunning cave-like area. Kozjak waterfall is nicely surrounded by scenic rocky amphitheater and emerald green pool below. The setting and the colors make Kozjak waterfall one of the most spectacular waterfalls in Europe. The most photogenic waterfall in Slovenia reminds me on a goat’s beard. You will fall in love at first sight. It is not a surprise that many couples got engaged by the most picturesque waterfall in the country with its LOVE in its name. Take some photos of emerald beauty of Soca river at Napoleon bridge on your way back to Kobarid.

7. Exhibition of nativity at Sveta Gora

Sveta Gora (682 meters) is popular pilgrimage site in Slovenia. From December until beginning of January it hosts the exhibition of nativity with international participation. Not as majestic as living nativity scene at Postojna caves but still worth a visit. If you are not overwhelmed by exhibition of nativity, I am sure you will start taking photos of surrounding areas.

8. Stroll through the museums

There are several museums in Soca valley worth a visit. My top pick is the Kobarid Museum dedicated to WW1 and Isonzo Front.

9. Wine tasting in Brda region

If northern part of Soca valley is covered with snow, then go south where the landscape is still green. Escape the winter fun for the pleasure of the Mediterranean climate. In Goriška Brda pay a visit to the winemakers and taste their excellent wines.

Are you staying longer in Soca valley? Do you need more local tips? Send me an email to and I will send you 3 places where you should go in the winter time when in Soca valley.

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