Winter fairy tale in Tamar

Winter fairy tale in Tamar


Despite cold weather (well, it is winter time and there is no winter without snow) I grabbed my sledge and Tamar here we go! I was looking forward to sledding down the white slopes particular because of the fact that I had not been in Tamar before. Tamar is a 6 kilometres long Alpine glacier valley in Julian Alps and is considered to be one of the most beautiful alpine valleys in Slovenia. Trees were weakening under the weight of snow that created with a little help from the wind beautiful sculptures on the branches. Cross-country skiers had flooded cross-country trails, parking places in front of Planica mighty sky-jumping giant, which each year hosts World Cup ski jumping competition, were already filled. Despite the low temperatures, many people decided to spent a Saturday on the snow. Moving in the line like gooses we were headed towards mountain lodge in Tamar. Snow squeaked beneath our feet and we could see the wind sweeping away the snow off the slopes of mighty mountains. Most of the time I was towing my sleds, but in the steeper areas I let it all to the law of gravity while sledding down the slopes. I enjoyed it, as if it was my first time on the snow. A real winter fairy tale in Tamar! Get ready because next time you are going with me to Tamar!

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