Wild garlic welcome!

Wild garlic welcome!

Wild garlic time awaits you!

wild garlic

Wild garlic is a green edible which I start picking in March. It grows beside the water resources (streams, rivers). Every year I picked at least 2-3 kilos of the ramsons in Soca valley. Slovenian word for wild garlic is čemaž which I gently put into the basket. Leaf by leaf. I share my passion with frinds, family members so as with my Herbal Rooms guests. Recently I hosted Jessie, a travel blogger, and I teached her the right way how to recognize awild garlic so as how to pick and what to make from the ramsons. She wrote very interesting blog post about her visit in my home village. Read it here. You need to be very careful when picking wild garlic because you can easily mixed up the ramson leaves with poisonous plants. If you don’t know the ramsons, then it is better to pick it with the local ramsons picker!

My favourite dish from the ramsons is creamy soup. And what else I usually prepare from wild greens? Wild garlic pesto, the ramsons spread which I use it in the salads instead of garlic. Then I make pasta and risotto with the ramsons. Well, it is a challenge for me to make ramson strudel.

I would be delighted to share with you my own recipe of wild garlic frtalja/herbal omelette. Subscribe to my email list (it is on the right side of the page) and I would send you a recipe for free!

Dober tek!

Written by Vesna on 21st March 2015.