Where to cool down in Soca valley?

Where to cool down in Soca valley?

There are some really great places in Soca valley where you can cool down this summer. Are you curious?

This summer turned out to be quite warm in Slovenia. In some places temperatures reach 35 degrees and more. Well, for us the locals living in Soca valley we usually spend hot days beside the river. Where?

7 cool places in Soca valley to cool down

1. Nadiža river by Napoleon bridge

Cool place to cool down beside very old bridge. Nadiža river is warmer than Soca river in Upper Soca valley so it is a perfect family retreat for warm days. Why not getting there with Hop-on Hop-Off bus from Kobarid.

Where to cool down in Soca valley?

2. Sotočje, meeting point of Tolminka and Soca river in Tolmin

When Tolmin town turns into festival mecca, Sotočje is crowded with party fans enjoying the musical vibes of continuous festivals. But at certain periods, that is from 18th to 22nd July, from 1st to 8th August and from 21st August on, you can get this magical place only for yourself to enjoy!

Where to cool down in Soca valley?

3. Meeting point of Idrijca and Trebuščica river

One of my best and quite remoted spots close to Most na Soci (perfect also to attend SUP activity) that has not been explored by crowds (yet). Fishing-friendly rivers full of marble trouts! Send me an email to vesna@slocally.com if you want to get GPS coordinates for this cool spot.

4. Kanal beach

Kanal town is very well connected with public transportation. Crowl into fresh Soca river, dive into it from diving boards set by locals or just chillax with a book in your hands and get amazed by 17 meters high bridge. Fantastic! And it is only 8 kilometers away from Herbal Rooms Homestay!

Where to cool down in Soca valley?

5. Idrijca river close to Ciril Kosmač homestead

A short detour from main Tolmin-Idrija road and you can start choosing perfect picnic spots for you buddies. Idrijca is very handy to cool down your drinks. But do not hesitate. The best spots are occupied early in the evening.

Where to cool down in Soca valley?

6. Kayak center in Solkan

Kayak center is a city beach for the locals of Nova Gorica. A true local water retreat. If kayaking does not meet your adrenaline needs, do enter nearby adrenaline park or jump from the bridge … of course with bungee rope fixet to your feet.

7. Velika Korita

In Upper Soca valley I usually do a quick jump into Soca river beside Velika Korita (Soca gorges). I need to remind you that the water here is freezing cold! But … you are not afraid are you? 🙂

Soca valley Slovenia

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