What to do and see in Kamnik

What to do and see in Kamnik

Kamnik, a little medieval town embraced by the Kamnik-Savinja Alps that lies only 20 minutes away from Ljubljana, is considered one of the most beautiful towns in Slovenia. The landscape, food and unique sleeping options will take your breath away.

MY TOP things to do and see in Kamnik

Stroll around Kamnik town

Kamnik, known as Stein in Oberkrain, is a hidden jewel among Slovenian towns. Beneath the peaks of Kamnik-Savinja Alps this medieval town with red roof topped houses used to be an important trading town between Ljubljana and Celje. Kamnik is a perfect spot for exploring Velika Planina, Kamniška Bistrica valley and hiking Kamnik-Savinja Alps.

Do not miss the biggest ethnological festival in Slovenia called Days of National Costumes and Clothing heritage that takes place in September.

Velika Planina

Velika Planina, the highest lying shepherd’s settlement and the hugest one in Europe which can be reached by cable car or an easy hike, is revived every June. Between June and September, the herdsmen are tending to grazing cattle and this is the best time to taste dairy products. Due to its typical architecture (the oval roof of shepherd’s huts is covered with pine shingles), Velika Planina is on a bucket list of many local and international tourists.

This fairytale settlement with single-room dwelling wooden huts and barns that are scattered around Velika Planina is a perfect postcard landscape. Visit Preskar’s Hut Museum that exhibits the life of herdsmen in the 19th century, taste local delights at Zeleni rob lodge and ring a bell in the church of MarijeSnežne (Snow Mary Chapel). Just walking around VelikaPlanina it is an experience to itself.

What to do and see in Kamnik

Arboretum Volčji Potok

Arboretum Volčji Potok, the most visited horticultural facility in Slovenia and one of top attractions near Ljubljana, became famous for its spring flower shows and the visitors are fascinated by millions of daffodil, tulips and other spring flowers. 

The park that was even declared cultural and natural heritage of national importance consists of different gardens: French, British and a rose garden. Enjoy the beds of colorful flowers with the Kamnik-Savinja Alps at the background.

Opening hours:
January & February: 8am – 5pm.
March: 8am – 6 pm.
April – August: 8am – 8 pm.
September: 8am – 7pm
October: 8am – 6pm
November & December: 8am – 5pm.

Price for the tickets:
Adults: 8,50 €
Students and Senior citizens: 7,00 €
School children: 6,00 €
Preschool children: 4,00 €
Family ticket*: 21,00 €
Dogs: 1,50 € 

*Family ticket includes one or maximum two adults and maximum children from the age 3 to 15.

Kamniška Bistrica valley

Kamniška Bistrica valley, a starting point for visiting series of natural attractions nearby, got its name after the 33 kilometers long Kamnik Bistrica crystal clear river which is one of the cleanest rivers in Slovenia (and one of the coolest!!!).

Here you can cool off in the shade of Kamnik-Savinja Alps. Refresh yourself at Kamniška Bistrica River springs, admire Plečnik’s mansion built by the order of the Royal court and walk down to Veliki and Mali Predaselj gorges which are the narrowest part of the riverbed of Kamniška Bistrica.

Snovik spa

Snovik spa is the highest altitude spa in Slovenia that offers different types of accommodations, indoor and outdoor swimming pool. Here you can get in contact with Kneipp therapy and experience barefoot path.

Natural Healing Resort Tunjice

In Natural Healing Resort Tunjice, a holistic health center in Kamnik, a healing spring of living water was found in 1998. This is a land of one of the strongest energy source in the world with positive impact on a human being.

On a guided tour through Natural Healing Resort Tunjice you visit 9 energetic points. Each of them helps our body to improve psychical and psychological self-healing. Holistic health center provides living water drink, longevity pendant, energy stones, massages, wellness, measuring aura andtungaj transformer.

You need to make an appointment in advance via phone call 00386 41 785 675 or email: info@zdravilnigaj.si.

Price to enter the natural healing resort Tunjice is 9,90 EUR/adult and 4,50 EUR/child.

Taste Kamnik

Taste Kamnik is a food brand andmany restaurants and local inns put traditional dishes and drinks on their menu. We tantalized our taste buds at Grajska terasa restaurant overlooking Kamnik that offers local delights at reasonable prices. Firštov goulash (Princely Venison Goulash) with a slice of an orange and polenta were tasty and very well done while homemade struklji dumplings with blueberries melted in our mouths and we forgot to take a photo of it :).

What to do and see in Kamnik

Well if you are a sweet tooth, there is another sweet dessert you need to taste. This is Ursuline convent cream layer cake (kloštrska kremšnita).

Those who are into salty dishes shoul not forget to tantalize your taste buds with Trnič cheese which supposed to resemble the breasts of a woman.

They were traditionally given from a boy to a girl as a sign of affection.

Pinecone liquor (rušovc) is a perfect liquor to call it a day.

Taste Kamnik delights and discover Kamnik through your taste buds.

Where to stay?

There are too many attractions to visit in Kamnik area offers just for one day trip. Last but not least, at the end of the day you surely want to stay and rest in Kamnik. Check Eco Resort Beneath Velika Planina at the foothills of Kamnik-Savinja Alps. It is a paradise for eco lovers and architecture connoisseur. The bungalows at the Eco Resort Beneath Velika Planina were inspired by traditional shepherd’s huts from Kamnik-Savinja Alps. Two story bungalow that can host up to 5 people offers a comfortable stay just at the shore of Kamniška Bistrica river overlooking the Kamnik- Savinja Alps. Small but very well equipped kitchen, a living room with a spacious couch, 2 double beds and a tiny bathroom are clean and tidy.

Barefoot walking around the glamping resort is a perfect feet massage. A small stream (Lucija could not resist tasting the water from it!) is flowing through the resort into freezing cold Kamniška Bistrica river.

Well, there is also a swimming pool if you cannot take a deep into 7 degrees cold Kamniška Bistrica river.

At the resort there are 16 bungalows for 4+1 persons and 18 glamping houses for 2 people (shared bathroom), on-site restaurant, sauna (free access to the private sauna which you need to book in advance), open-air massages service place, 23 meters high wooden tower, pond with a pier (perfect for marriage ceremony), children playground, free bike rentals, places for animals (deer, peacocks and peahen, rabbits, sheep, donkeys, gooses) and vegetable garden.

Every day at 8am there is a special event. All the kids gather and feed the animals under the supervision of Marko who knows Eco Resort like the back of his hand. The invasion of gooses came to us and ate corn directly from our hands. After they filled their stomach, they did not put any attention on the bread. But Lucija did. One piece of bread for her, one for the animals 😉 The majority of the guests are foreigners so Marko was quite surprised to hear Slovenian language. He pushed the wheelbarrow full of vegetables and old bread to the next animal fence. The peacock was elevating his tail while peahens were observing the horde of screaming kids trying to feed them and their parents trying to take the best photo of their kids and the animals at the same time.

After feeding the animals, it was time to feed ourselves. Buffet breakfast was big enough and consists of cereal, yogurt, bread, ham, cheese, juices and eggs.

Nice staff, peaceful environment, lots of green areas to walk or run around and numerous animals to observe. Perfect family weekend getaway at Eco Resort Beneath Velika Planina.

In case they are booked, check other accommodation options in Kamnik: Apartment NR. 16, Studio City Center, Mamut stay, Apartma Mihovc, Apartma Kotnik, Guest House Repnik, B&B Pod skalo, Glamping Ob robu gozda.

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