Vojsko plateau experience

Vojsko plateau experience

I met Urban, the local guide, in the city center of Idrija. With his 4×4 car we hit the road to Vojsko plateau where you can find the highest lying village of Primorska region. We were following Kanomljica river. We stopped our car by the bridge from where we could admire Idrijca marble trouts. “The fish farm near by is specialized in breeding indigenous Idrijca trout.” Urban explains while we count how many marble trouts we can spot.

Curve after curve and we slowly reached our first stop Kanomlja water barriers known as Slovenian pyramids due to its massive building. They were built in the beginning of 19th century under Napoleon leadership. They really look huge. Kanomlja water barriers were built due to the fact that Idrija mercury mine required enormous quantities of wood for timbering pit areas. The easiest way to transport timber from the forest to the valley was by using water route.

Slovenija Partisan Printery

With Urban we visited authentically preserved Partisan Printing House Slovenija. “Can you spot it in the forest?” asked me Urban while we were slowly driving on the unpaved road. Partisan Printing House Slovenia, the largest and the most technically equipped illegal partisan printer in Primorska region during WW2, is still very well hidden (in fact this was the aim in 1944 when it was established). During the national liberation war, it was a demand for printed leaflets and newspaper in Slovenian language especially in Primorska region where the locals had suffered more than 20 years of fascist pressure. Partisan Journal (Partizanski dnevnik) was the only daily printed newspaper of any resistance movement in occupied Europe. A huge electrical printing machine that was brought from Italy still operates and can print up to 1000 copies per hour. Albin, a guide of Slovenija Partisan Printery, explained the daily routine of 40 people who were working on the journal. I am impressed how Slovenija Partisan Printery was never discovered.


At an altitude of 1148 meters, the summit of Hudournik is the most beautiful viewpoint of the Vojsko plateau where you can admire famous Idrijski breach (Idrijski prelom), Trnovo forest, Julian Alps with Triglav in the background and Kamnik-Savinja Alps. What is more, if you visit Vojsko plateau in the autumn/fall, you can find countless edible parasol mushrooms.

Gacnik waterfalls

Gacnik waterfalls (believe it or not, but on 4,5 kilometers there are 11 waterfalls in the valley of Gacnik creek!) were definitely a highlight of my Vojsko plateau experience. We only visited 3 waterfalls but its mysterious torrent ravine, wilderness and a real life in its pools (yes, we saw numerous crabs!) brought me back to my childhood when I was searching for crabs in the pools close to Herbal Rooms Homestay in Soca valley.

We ended our perfect active sunny day at Slabnik tourism where Urban’s mother Martina treated our taste buds with garden-to-table experience where we indulged our taste buds with pumpkin soup with salt flower from Piran salt pans, rabbit with žlikrofi one of the most significant festive dish in miner’s Idrija and yummy cottage cheese and tarragon strudl. A glass of orange wine from Vipava valley was a great company. A truly gastronomic experience in the idyllic countryside on Vojsko plateau.

In Vojsko plateau there are only 2 sleeping options: Guest House Beli kamen and Apartma Alpski vrt. All of you who like staying in the hotel, check Hotel Kendov dvorec***** or Hotel Jozef in Idrija.

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