Vipava Stand up paddling

Vipava Stand up paddling

Stand up paddling in Vipava valley is becoming more and more popular outdoor activity. Vipava river with numerous meanders offers paddle-boarding on the calm currents through untouched and lush jungle like nature. Besides meeting the locals, enjoying hot afternoon under the shades of hundred years old trees, waterfowl and aquatic animals (we spotted beaver, dragonflies, nonpoisonous snake) are welcoming you every step of your way. Vipava valley is a truly paddle-board paradise.

Our stand up paddling adventure started close to Prvačina town when we got to know the basic instructions on paddle-boarding. »Grab your paddle board to the river and start paddling from your knees. When you fell ready to stand up, start paddling while standing.« said Nejc, who recently came back from his 1500 kilometers stand up paddling adventure from Dubrovnik to Renče. He was raising money for children from socially disadvantaged families to offer them summer holidays at Debeli rtič where they can learn to swim and stand up paddling. The other guide, Dean, is one of the organizers of one of the most visited festivals on the western part of Slovenia called Lakeness festival, and has a vast knowledge about the local area.

After 10 minutes I gained the balance and I felt confident on the board but the first obstacle appeared immediately. The rapids and a current were quite strong (it has been raining for  the past 2 weeks!) but I managed to navigate my board without refreshing myself in the embrace of the cold river 😉

But in a hot summer day when the temperatures can reach even 40 degrees, Vipava river makes you wanna jump and refresh yourself despite flawless paddling. Gravel banks, massive trees, peddle beaches are creating a picturesque background,  maybe for the next Indiana Jones movie. I was enjoying the delightful views of natural attractions descending along Vipava valley.

On the half way of our 4 kilometers long route, we made a 10 minutes pit stop for a beer and observed local boys jumping from a swing into the river.

Vipava river in the lower part was quite lazy lady so we needed to paddle a bit more in order to reach our final destination Renče which supposed to be one of the nicest town in Vipava valley.

Overlooking Vipava river and tasting local delights (frtalja herbal omelette, nicely sliced prosciutto, pancetta and salami), was a perfect ending of SUPer paddle boarding along Vipava river.

Exploring Vipava valley with Vipava Sup Adventure from the paddle board is perfect experience for an outdoor enthusiast.

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