Tolmin Gorge Trail

Tolmin Gorge Trail

Tolmin gorge (Tolminska korita) is a gorge-ous natural attraction in Slovenia. It is the lowest and southern most point of Triglav National Park based at the confluence of Tolminka and Zadlaščica river. Tolmin Gorge is 200 metres long, about 60 meters deep and between 5 to 10 meters wide gorge and definitely one of the most popular tourist spots in Soca valley. Tolmin Gorge Trail offers varied hiking opportunities and spectacular views of the turquoise water, glacier-fed streams, natural pools, canyons, cascades and the gorge itself.

Imagine a pleasant walk along magical blue green waters of Tolminka river, taking photos of the moss-covered canyons, and observing awesome natural wonder from the suspension Devil bridge above the gorge. Take your time to enjoy the full beauty of this peaceful place by sitting close to the water, listening to the sound of water and watching the crystal clear water moving along the rocks. Tolmin Gorge surprises you with its size, and spectacular, enchanting natural beauty. It is a heaven for photographers and natural lovers. Let me be your local guide in Tolmin Gorge.

5 main viewpoints of Tolmin Gorge Trail

    • confluence of Tolmin and Zadlaščica river,
    • narrow gorge with a thermal spring,
      • the Bear’s head (Medvedova glava) and the Jumps (Skakalce),
    • the Devil’s bridge,
    • Dante’s cave.

Confluence of Tolmin and Zadlaščica river

Confluence of Tolmin and Zadlaščica river is the lowest point of Triglav National Park and a popular swimming spot during the hot summer days despite the fact that the river temperature varies between 5-9 degrees.

Narrow impressive gorge with a thermal spring

Short and easy walk from the suspension bridge on the well maintained path along crystal clear Tolminka river and through the dark tunnel leads you to the narrow and mysterious gorge which walls are covered with moss. The further you walk into the gorge, the closer the limestone rocks get together to the point they almost touch each other.

Bear’s head and The jumps

Bear’s head, a giant triangular rock covered with moss that and stucked between two cliffs in Zadlaščica canyon, is the most photographed natural attraction on the whole Tolmin Gorge Trail. Look carefully and you will spot many picturesque pools and cascades flowing through the gorge.

Devil’s bridge

Devil’s bridge is 60 meters high bridge above the Tolminka river and Tolmin Gorge. It offers a great view of crystal clear turquoise water of Tolminka river below.

Dante’s cave

Dante’s cave got its name after the Italian poet Dante Alighieri, who was amazed by the local landscape. It is said that the Florentine poet visited his friend here in the area, the local ruler, and he supposed to get the inspiration for his Divine Comedy Inferno.

Basic information about Tolmin Gorge Trail

Duration: 1,5 – 2 hours.
Length: 2,5 kilometers.
Difficulty: easy to moderate.
GPS location: N 46° 11′ 52.958″ E 13° 44′ 24.543″
Best time to visit: spring, autumn, early mornings in the summer time.
What to bring: proper shoes and a bottle of water.
Entrance fee: 5 EUR/adult, 2,50 EUR/person for children (6till 14 years old), 4 EUR/person for students, senior, groups more than 10 people, 2 EUR/person for groups of children more than 10.
Hours of operation:
21st March to 30th April between 9am to 7pm.
1st May to 31st May between 9am to 7:30pm.
1st June to 31st August between 8:30am to 8pm.
1st September to 15th September between 9am to 7pm.
16th September to 30th September between 9am to 6:30pm.
1st October to 16th October between 9am to 6pm.
17th October to 5th November between 9am to 5pm.
6th November to 20th March closed (you can explore Tolmin gorge at your own risk).

How to reach Tolmin Gorge?
– By walk from Tolmin: you need to follow the Tolminka stream.
– By shuttle bus: during the summer time between 30th June to 31st August there is a shuttle bus for 20 people that connects Tolmin with Tolmin gorge. It operates every hour from 10am to 4pm.
– By car: At the traffic light (the only one In Tolmin!) in center of Tolmin turn left (if you are coming from Kobarid) or turn right (if you are coming from Most na Soči) in the direction of Zatolmin. Follow signposts for Zadlaz – Čadrg and soon you come to a large parking lot by Tolminska korita restaurant where you park.

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