The most beautiful waterfalls in Soca valley

The most beautiful waterfalls in Soca valley

Soca valley is a region full of waterfalls. Can you guess how many waterfalls Soca valley has? I will help you. There are more than 300 of these natural wonders in Slovenia and 68 out of them can be found in Soca valley and its surroundings. Most of the waterfalls are hidden in the nature but can be reached by a easy to moderate walk. Well, it would be difficult for you to visit all 68 waterfalls during your holidays in Soca valley so I prepared a list of my top 4 waterfalls you should visit when exploring Soca valley. Hope you get this useful!

My top 4 waterfalls you should visit when exploring Soca valley

Boka waterfall

Coordinates: N 46° 19′ 17.135″ E 13° 28′ 55.212″
Duration: 1,5 hours.
Difficulty: moderate.

Boka waterfall is the majestic waterfall in Slovenia. And it is probably the only waterfall which is still growing. Would you like to know why? Send me an email at and get the answer. The water volume of the waterfall varies depending on the season and the weather conditions.
Best time to visit: late May and June.
How to reach? Park your car or get off the bus at Penzion Boka near the village of Žaga on the main road Kobarid-Bovec. Walk along the road to the bridge from where there is a nice view on Boka waterfall. If you take selfies, watch out because you are standing on the main busy road. If you follow the steep path next to the bridge for about 45 minutes, you will get Wowowow! view of the Boka waterfall. Worth a walk with comfortable shoes only.

Kozjak waterfall

Coordinates: N 46° 15′ 42.109″ E 13° 35′ 33.611″
Duration: 1 hour.
Length: 3,5 kilometers.
Difficulty: easy.

Kozjak waterfall is truly the most picturesque waterfall in Slovenia. The waterfall and its pool are surrounded by high narrow rocks. A fifteen-meter-high stream of clear water falls into the emerald green pool.
Best time to visit: all year around (if you can, avoid summer time because of the crowds!).
How to reach? Along the road Kobarid-Drežnica before reaching Napoleon bridge turn left and follow the sign for Camp Lazar (free parking). Soon you will spot signs for Kozjak waterfall. Kozjak waterfall is also part of Kobarid historic trail.

Virje waterfall

Coordinates: N 46° 20′ 6.428″ E 13° 30′ 51.15″
Duration: 1 hour.
Length: 2 kilometers.
Difficulty: easy.

Virje waterfall is the most photogenic waterfall in Soca valley. Tripadvisor describes Virje waterfall as picturesque, gorgeous and relaxing place with icy cold water with amazing shades of green and blue colors but sparkling, clear and refreshing. Beside that it is very peaceful place which you can have to yourself only.  If you are brave enough, jump into the water and get some refreshment. You can refill your bottle with clean water from the stream! Here it feels like a jungle a bit 🙂
Best time to visit: all year around.
How to reach? Drive from Bovec towards Plužna village. Park your car close to partisan memorial and walk up. After 500 meters you will reach a marked crossroad. Take the left path downhill to Virje waterfall.

Sopota waterfall

Coordinates: N 46° 10′ 3.308″ E 13° 48′ 17.05″
Duration: 0,5 hour.
Length: 1 kilometer.
Difficulty: easy.

Sopota waterfall is high and thin stream of water that falls into a tiny pool, which is surrounded by high walls covered with lots of plants. It is truly beautiful hidden gem!
Best time to visit: all year around.
How to reach? On the road Most na Soči – Podbrdo (Baška Grapa ravine) in the village of Kneža you need to turn towards Ljubinj or Podmelec. After Podmelec village you will spot a signpost for waterfall Sopota on your right. Walk through the forest, pass by a lovely bench and you reach the waterfall. Beautiful view andit is time for swimming! Enjoy.

On my bucket list I will add 4 waterfalls in Soca valley which I want to visit with my family:

  • Fratarica waterfalls (starting point at Log pod Mangartom)
  • Zapotok waterfall (starting point at the source of the Soca)
  • Šunikov vodni gaj (starting point in Lepena)
  • Beri waterfall (starting point in Poljubinj)

Which waterfall in Soca valley is your favorite?

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