The Emerald Land

The Emerald Land


The Emerald Land lies on the western side of Slovenia. It covers the area from the Julian Alps and Alpine hills to the wine hills and Karst area. The land is full of cultural and natural beauties. Let’s mention just a few of them:


–          the most beautiful emerald Soca river in Europe,

–          the highest Slovenian mountain road Mangrtsko sedlo,

–          the highest road pass in Slovenia,

–          the 2nd biggest rose collection of Burbon roses in the world,

–          3 European destinations of Excellence (Dolina Soče, Idrija, Brda)

–          the only Slovenian waterfall which is still growing and Disney fairy tale The Cronicles of Narnia was filmed near by,

–          the lowest part of Triglav National Park,

–          the largest indoor climbing wall in Slovenia,

–          the shortest river Jezernica in Slovenia,

–          the only deltoid spring of a river in Europe in Vipava town,

–          first footgolf field in Slovenia,

–          the only natural trail for kayaking in Europe,

–          the wettest, the windiest and the sunniest parts of Slovenia,

–          the highest alpine lake in Slovenia Krnsko jezero,

–          the only Alpine Botanical Garden Alpinum Juliana in Slovenia,

–          cave Čehi 2, the 10th deepest cave in the world,

–          Loška stena-the longest mountain face in Slovenia and Julian Alps,

–          the deepest Koritnica gorge in Slovenia,

–          Soca valley is a valley of adrenaline sports,

–          …

Former boarder line


–          once the smallest town in Habsburg monarhy called Vipavski križ,

–          the smallest museum Stražni stolp in Europe,

–          the Slovenia’s most preserved roman fortress in Ajdovščina,

–          the youngest Slovenian town Nova Gorica with its gambling spirit,

–          Solkan railway bridge with the longest stone arch in the world,

–          1st grammar book in Slovenian language can be found in Kostanjevica,

–          90 kilometres long Walk of Peace that connects remains from WW/Isonzo front,

–          1st mosque in Slovenia was built here,

–          jewish cemetary near Nova Gorica with 800-years old tombs,

–          mercury mine Anton’s shaft from Idrija is under UNESCO’s world heritage list,

–          the only concathedral in Slovenia,

–          the oldest flute in the world was found in Cerkno mountains,

–          rich heritage on Alexandrinian women can be found in Prvačina,

–          the only divided cemetery in the world between Yugoslavia (nowadays Slovenia) and Italy can be found in Miren,

–          the best example of square fountain in Slovenia can be found in Kanal,

–          the only 2 sarcophagus in Slovenia can be found in Vipava,

–          1st Slovenian pilot with a creative soul and entrepreneurial spirit Edvard Rusjan,

–          Drežnica carnival and Laufarija carnival,

–          long tradition of Idrija lace,

–          Soca valley is a valley of festivals,

–          Slovenian Stonehenge in Soca valley,

–          lots of energetic points, healing places,

–          …

The list of superlatives of the Emerald Land can be for sure longer. I could easily add at least 20 more interesting colorful facts. We, the locals who are living here, know the region like our own pocket. We are always fascinated about how rich in terms of culture, nature and habits this region is. Join us on our walks, hikes and discover The Emerald Land with me. Write me an email:

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