Terms and Conditions


This website (www.slocally.com) is designed, developed and maintained by Slocally and its owner Vesna Velišček. Any illegal use of its material is not permitted. Despite the efforts to ensure the accuracy of the website, some things on the field can change. Slocally reserves the right to change the content of the site if it notices change. This terms and conditions are valid for local experiences and Herbal Rooms. By reading and signing these general terms and conditions that apply to Slocally – Experience Slovenia with locals (hereafter referred to as Slocally), offered and organized by Vesna Velišček s.p., all participants agree and accept these general terms and conditions.


Acknowledgement of risk, release and indemnity
I acknowledge that local experiences with Slocally are intentionally designed to take clients ‘off the beaten path’. Slocally local experiences involve physical activity that can be demanding depending on the condition of the client and the risk of serious personal injury including permanent disability and death from accident, illness or the actions of other persons. There are also risks associated with the local experiences such as theft or loss of or damage to property.
I am aware of the risks involved and I am voluntarily undertaking the local experience at my own risk. I understand that whilst Slocally will take every precaution to ensure my safety, Slocally will not be held liable for any loss or damage suffered by any person and property as a result of their participation in any such activity.
I understand and have carefully considered the risks involved in taking the local experience of this nature. I understand, agree, assume and accept full responsibility for any loss, injury or damage to me, my family or my dependents arising in connection with my participation, or the participation of members of my family, in the local experience. We have our own insurance appropriate to our needs in respect of such loss, injury or damage.

You may book your local experience via Slocally website, email, by phone or skype, WhatsApp, Viber. After receiving your inquiry, Slocally will respond as soon as possible and send you additional information and payment details. The contract of participation between a participant and Slocally is valid once a participant receives a written confirmation via email (most commonly vesna@slocally.com). If a confirmation email is not received, please check your spam folder and inform us. Your booking serves as a release of liability of Slocally and cooperating partners and complete assumption of all risks. There will be no compensation to the client.

Local experiences
All Slocally local experiences will be held according to the attached program. Participants will be accompanied by English speaking tourist guide. The rates for local experiences are based on a minimum of two persons booking. If sufficient attendance is not met, and you still want to attend a local experience, there will be an additional charge, which will cover my organizational costs. In case any such price increase becomes necessary, I will contact you immediately. Participants of the local experience affirm that they are entirely responsible for their own actions, and that any claim for damages to Slocally are waived. In particular, clients declare that: they are able to walk safely; they are of good health. Participants must be present at the agreed local experience meeting point 10 minutes before departure. No refund will be provided to the individuals that are not present at the agreed meeting time and place. Participants have the right to take out and purchase personal insurance to cover potential damages to their person, third parties. Slocally waives all claims for damages made against them, and accepts no liability for any damage to the participant, third parties and equipment caused during the local experience. Participants in Slocally local experiences covenant and agree not to sue Vesna Velišček s.p. for any claims, demands, causes of action, grounds for suit, losses, injuries, deaths, damages, liabilities, fees, costs and expenses (including, without limitation, reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs through all trial and appellate levels and proceedings), whatsoever, in law, equity or otherwise, arising or resulting directly or indirectly from participating in Slocally local experiences. Slocally does not assume responsibility for loss of baggage, money, valuables or other items during the local experience. If Slocally cannot provide the services under this contract and proposes an alternative solution, the client can either exercise the right to be entirely refunded or decide to join an alternative service.

Prices and Payment
All prices I advertise are accurate at the date published, but I reserve the right to change any of those prices from time to time. Deposit payments can be made via bank transfer in EUR (details upon inquiry).
Any processing charges or fees are your responsibility. A deposit to reserve your place (reservation fee) on a local experience is due at the time of booking and presents 50 % of the local experience price. On paying the deposit, you will receive a conformation email and further details about the local experience. The remaining balance of the full price shall be paid on the day of a scheduled local experience by cash only.

If you need to cancel or reschedule a booked Slocally local experience, you need to inform Slocally via email as soon as possible. I require a written notice of cancellation by email. The following fees, which are calculated as of the date I receive your written cancellation notice, will apply:
up to 30 days before departure – 30 % of the reservation fee
29 – 22 days before departure – 50 % of the reservation fee
21 days – 15 days before departure – 70 % of the reservation fee
14 days – or less before departure – 100 % of the reservation fee

Refunds and Transfers
Slocally reserves the right to cancel any local experience prior to departure, in which case a full refund of all amounts paid will be given. In case of a local experience being cancelled due to circumstances beyond my control (safety threats including natural disasters, political instability or logistical problems that may affect tour operations), there will be no refund. Please contact your travel insurance provider for details in such cases. I am not responsible for ensuring the appropriate level of amount of coverage is purchased.

Responsibility and liability
Although Slocally local experiences are not of adventurous nature, walking in the nature always includes an element of personal risk. Before the departure each guest will be required to fill out the medical and liability release form. Slocally local experiences require a degree of flexibility and clients have to understand that the local experience can change in case of unforeseen circumstances due to mechanical breakdowns, adverse weather conditions, threats including natural disasters, political instability or logistical problems that may affect tour operations, may cause delays or alternations to the local experience. In each of these cases, Slocally upholds the right to use its own discretion when evaluating the appropriateness of activities. Slocally reserves the right to make changes to the local experience itinerary. I will assume no liability in any way in of these possible occurrences. If changes are made in the itinerary, clients have no right to any refund or other considerations in the event of these itinerary changes. I am not responsible for any additional costs that may arise in the event of a local experience change or delay caused by circumstances beyond my control. Slocally reserves the right to make any cancellations, changes or substitutes in Slocally local experience whenever I deem it necessary for the comfort, convenience or safety of the participants, and to cancel an activity at any time. Slocally will assume no liability for losses or additional expenses due to loss, damage, injury, death, omission, error, illness to persons or property arising from any cause associated with participation on the local experiences or transit thereto or therefrom. The client indemnifies and holds Slocally harmless from and against any loss, damage, claims, delay, demands, irregularity and legal and other costs and expenses (including legal costs on attorney and own client scale) arising from any cause associated with local experience attendance. If you are injured or become ill, I may at your cost, arrange or supply medical treatment, evacuation or any other emergency services on your behalf as I deem necessary or appropriate for your safety and well being. The client must at all times comply with the laws, customs and foreign exchange regulations of all countries visited during the local experience. In addition, the client acknowledges that any disruptive, dangerous or potentially dangerous behavior during the local experience will not be tolerated and that I reserve the right to exclude the client from the local experience at any point therein in such circumstances. I am not responsible for any costs and/or expenses for the client resulting from exclusion as aforesaid and no refund or rebate will be given. Slocally is responsible for participants in organizing and making arrangements for Slocally local experiences that are offered on the website (www.slocally.com). Other suppliers providing their services are independent contractors and are not agents, employees or servants of or joint ventures with. Some of the services provided in connection with the local experiences, are obtained from independent suppliers over whom Slocally has no control. Participants of Slocally local experiences agree not sue Slocally for any claims, demands, causes of action, grounds for suit, losses, injuries, deaths, damages, liabilities, fees, costs and expenses (including, without limitation, reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs through all trial and appellate levels and proceedings), whatsoever, in law, equity or otherwise, arising or resulting directly or indirectly from participating in Slocally local experiences.

Travel insurance
Participants on Slocally local experiences agree that they have their own insurance appropriate to their needs in respect of such loss, injury or damage.

I demand a good general physical condition. If you have any physical limitations or concerns, please let me know. As I am not qualified to evaluate your level of fitness, I ask that you determine whether or not you are able to join one of our local experiences. If you have any special medical conditions, I encourage you to check with your doctor before you reserve your local experience. I reserve the right to decline anyone that I consider unsuitable due to their insufficient level of fitness. I also reserve the right to remove from the local experience, at the client’s own expense, anyone whose condition is such as is could cause a damage to himself/herself or others, or otherwise have a negative impact on the enjoyment of other clients on the local experience. Clients affirm that they are covered by medical insurance, which is valid abroad. Participants are expected to wear appropriate and comfortable footwear and having suitable weather protection (sunscreen, raincoat, hat, etc.).

Any claim should be submitted to Slocally during your stay or a maximum of 7 days after the end of the local experience. All claims need to be in written form and sent to my company. Any claim sent more than 7 days after the end of the local experience shall not be considered as valid.

Personal data protection and photo release
Participants agree and allow Slocally to collect and process personal data and the use of photos and other materials taken at all Slocally local experience for publication on the website www.slocally.com, social media and for the promotional purpose of future Slocally local experience. Our clients will receive a copy of any such photographs/videos. If the client disagrees with the terms, he/she must notify me in writing prior to the departure of the local experience. Any material voluntarily provided to Slocally and cooperating partners can be used for advertising and promotional purposes of future Slocally local experience.

Legal jurisdiction
The general method for solving problems concerning the local experience is negotiation. In case that the results of such negotiations are not found satisfactory by either of the parties, Court of Ljubljana is considered the court of appeal and arbitration. Any other court of law is expressly waived.

Privacy statement
Slocally oblige itself to respect your privacy and will not use or share any client information except for personal correspondence and for the needs of the local experience.

Ljubljana, April 2016

Vesna Velišček s.p.


To make sure that your stay at Herbal Rooms will be pleasant and to prevent any misunderstandings, please read the Herbal Rooms policy and rules. When checking in, it is implied that you are familiar with Herbal Rooms policy rules and you agree and you will fully adhere to these policies and rules.

General information
1. We do provide wi-fi and is free of charge. 2. Herbal Rooms reserves the right to change the type of room described in the reservation confirmation. Herbal Rooms will use this right only in case of emergency. 3. Herbal Rooms will clean and prepare the room before your arrival. 4. Check-in time is at 6pm, check-out time is at 10am. 5. In the Herbal Room use slippers only. Your outdoor shoes remain at the front door hall entrance. 6. Herbal Rooms will change your bed linen and clean the room on departure or on every 7th day if stay is longer than 7 nights. 7. Herbal Rooms will change your towels every 3 days during your stay, if stay is longer than 3 nights. 8. For additional blankets, pillows and towels please request. 9. The staff is not entitled to enter the guest’s room or use their personal belongings without prior announcement to and permission from the guest. The staff can enter the premises in the absence of the guest only for the purpose of cleaning the room and changing the bed linen- once a week, and when there is reason to believe that the premises or the guests are in danger or that the internal rules are being seriously violated. 10. Herbal Rooms may offer guests who ask to extend their stay a different room to the one in which they were originally accommodated.

Payment and reservation
11. We do not accept credit cards. Full payment upon arrival with cash only. 12. We take one-night deposit (reservation fee) that can be made via bank transfer in EUR (details upon inquiry). The rest amount you pay on the spot with cash only. 13. In case of damage or violation we charge the full amount of the price of the accommodation regardless of the shorter stay which is paid on the spot with cash only. 14. All guests must present a proper photo identification upon check-in.

Cancellation policy
In case of a late cancellation or re-schedule (with less than 24 hours notice) or no-show, the total price of the reservation fee will be charged. 15. If canceled after check-in, reimbursement is not possible.

Longer stay
16. To obtain a longer stay discount (7 days and more), 30 % advance payment is required. In case of 100 % advance payment, we don’t offer any extra discount. Advance payment is nonrefundable.

Children and extra bed policy
17. All children are welcome. No extra beds possible in a room. 18. Maximum capacity of baby cots in a room is 1.

House rules
Violation of Herbal Rooms rules can result in the cancellation of the reservation and charging the full amount of the price of the accommodation regardless of the shorter stay. 19. Herbal Rooms is open throughout the year. 20. Please take responsible care of the rented Herbal Room. 21. According to Slovenian law smoking is forbidden in closed areas – rooms, bathrooms and in the common area. 22. We are recycling. Mandatory recycling of general waste – trash bins in the rooms. Mandatory recycling of plastic/cans/foil, paper, glass, organic waste and general waste – trash bins in the kitchen. 23. Herbal Rooms’ accessories (pillows, blankets, towels and the like) are not allowed to be taken out of the room. 24. It is forbidden to use towels provided by Herbal Rooms to clean shoes, floor, tables, etc. If you need additional cleaning material, please ask the staff to provide it. 25. It is strictly forbidden to bring flammable or explosive materials, objects with unpleasant smell, alcohol, weapons, heaters and cooking appliances into Herbal Rooms. 26. It is strictly forbidden to store and eat food in the room. 27. Respect the peace and quiet between 10pm and 7am. 28. When leaving the room, close the windows, switch off the lights, turn off water taps and lock the door. 29. During your stay you are solely responsible for your valuables and herbal rooms’ accessories in the Herbal Rooms. Herbal Rooms is not responsible for theft, loss or damage of guest’s belongings. 30. During your stay you are obliged to take care of your own safety and you are responsible for possibly caused injury to persons and things. The owner of Herbal Rooms is liable only in the event of damage resulting from errors or omissions safety technical requirements in accordance with applicable laws. 31. For safety reasons it is forbidden leaning over the balcony. Herbal Rooms is not responsible for any injuries. It is forbidden screaming, throwing objects and waste through the window. 32. Please report the loss of the key immediately to the email or mobile phone of Herbal Rooms. 33. The guest who causes damage to Herbal Rooms property on purpose or by accident will have to make restitution for the full amount of the damage. The amount of the damage will be charged immediately. 34. You are obliged to leave the room you rented as you found it upon arrival – clean, tidy and undamaged. Before leaving, check again that you have not forgotten something. We will send your found objects only at your request. We keep found objects up to one year, and then treat them in accordance with the Slovenian regulations. 35. Please immediately inform the staff of any defects or faults in the room or possible dissatisfaction with the service. 36. Pets are not allowed in Herbal Rooms. Bringing pets without prior announcement in the reservation is not allowed and Herbal Rooms has the right to cancel accommodation. 37. Bringing other guests into Herbal Rooms is not allowed. 38. Herbal Rooms policy and rules can be changed at any time.

Public parking is possible 150 meters from Herbal Rooms.

Important telephone numbers
Police 113
Fire brigade 112
Ambulance 112
Emergency clinic in Nova Gorica: (05) 33 83 333 or 112.

Personal data protection
Participants agree and allow Slocally to collect and process personal data and the use of photos and other materials for publication on the website www.slocally.com, on social media and for the purpose of Herbal Rooms.

For all information regarding Herbal Rooms you can phone (00386 41 432 488) or email us (vesna@slocally.com).

We wish you a pleasant stay in Herbal Rooms.

Plave, April 2016

Vesna Velišček s.p.