SUPing on Ljubljanica river

SUPing on Ljubljanica river

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„What about if I fall into Ljubljanica river? Everyone will laugh at me! And do I need a life jacket?“ I was still not sure either to stand up paddling or not. But experienced SUP instructor Matija told me that if I follow certain SUP rules, I can hardly fall into the water. Let’s experience SUPing on Ljubljanica river! Together with 2 more participants eager to experience stand up paddling on Ljubljanica river I gained first-hand knowledge from Matija and Špela and got my paddle and inflatable paddle board ready to hit Ljubljanica river. First I was kneeling, then I managed to stand up and paddle all the way up to three bridges where I waved to the city dragon. It was easy to paddle because boards are really stable. Big and small river boats were passed by and they made quite big waves. But I managed how to deal with them 😉 I heard many tourists walking along Ljubljanica river saying: „What a fun-to-do experience!“
SUP experience is a combination of being outside in the nature, discovering new places, recreation, socializing and endless fun. Stand up paddling is becoming more and more popular free time recreational craft and racing activity.

Did you know that Ljubljana is perhaps the world’s only capital city which offers its visitors a unique opportunity to attend a stand-up paddling experience right in the middle of the city centre?
It was an amazing and relaxing SUPer experience in the center of Ljubljana.

– seeing Ljubljana and its main attractions from another angle
– experienced and patient staff with a bunch of easy-to-follow tips
– an excellent exercise for a balance and strengthening the muscles of the entire body
– great work out with lots of fun.

Have a look at photos that Slocally captured at SUPing on Ljubljanica river.