Sunik water grove trail in Soca valley

Sunik water grove trail in Soca valley

Sunik water grove trail (Šunikov vodni gaj) is a hidden gem in Soca valley. It can be found in Lepena valley in the middle of an unspoiled nature. Here the Lepenjica stream joins the Šumnik stream. Together they create a 100 meters long and 10 meters’ deep emerald gorge which flows through the brook with green pools. A truly romantic and peaceful atmosphere in the pristine surroundings of the Triglav National Park.

Sunik water grove is a paradise for meditation, nature lovers, photographers, and hikers love it due to its magical cascades, turquoise pools with icy cold water and waterfalls of Lepenjica river. The water here has a healing and beneficial effects on health and well-being. It is time for recharging your batteries and enjoying the moment while breathing fresh air, listening to the water and bird singing. Let me guide you along Sunik water grove trail.

3 main viewpoints of Sunik water grove Trail

    • several footbridges crossing the pools and waterfalls,
      • visible remains of old mill with a millstone,
    • mighty broad-leaved trees.

Basic information about Sunik water grove trail

Duration: 30 minutes to 1 hour.
Length: 1,5 kilometers.
Difficulty: easy.
GPS location: N 46° 18′ 45.617″ E 13° 39′ 28.496″
Best time to visit: all year around (be careful in the winter because the path is frozen!).
What to bring: proper shoes and a bottle of water.
Entrance fee: free.

How to reach Sunik water grove trail?

By bus over Vršič pass: during the summer time between 1st June to 30 September there is a bus that connects Kranjska Gora with Bovec. The link can be found here. Get off at Lepena K. Pass by Soca gorge and camping site and walk towards Lepena. It takes around 30 minutes until you reach a sign for the Sunik water grove. From there, continue along marked circular footpath.

By car: At the crossroad Lepena K turn right (if you are coming from Bovec) or turn left (if you are coming from Kranjska Gora) in the direction of Lepena. Drive approximately 10 minutes until you reach a sign for the Sunik water grove trail (parking place is at the right site). From here, continue on foot along marked circular footpath.

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