Ave Emona, Celeia et Poetovium!

Ave Emona, Celeia et Poetovium!

Without thinking I said yes, I want to be part of a study tour around the ancient cultural heritage on Slovenian territory. Together with more than 18 travel journalists, active promoters of Slovenian tourism in Slovenia and abroad, we hit the road. Ave Emona, Poetovium et Celeia!

Roman Ljubljana

Emona-the Roman name for Ljubljana– lay on the important and vibrant Amber trade route (Jantarjeva cesta) which connected the Baltic with Adriatic coast and Rome. This year Ljubljana celebrates 2000-year anniversary as Roman Emona. Did you know that wealthy Romans have central heating in their houses? And that in front of the Faculty of Art in Ljubljana you can see very well maintained sewer system? What about becoming a Roman for 2 hours and wearing toga while experiencing Roman Ljubljana in the company of a Roman legionary? Or take a ride on the boat Barjanka, hear the stories from the Roman times and explore the savory of mulsum (white wine with honey, safflower, orange peel, Anethum graveolens) and libum (Roman bread with honey). There is much more to taste. Honey and pepper gave a unique touch to the Roman cuisine. The Romans eat well. Poor Romans ate radishes, bread and wine while rich Romans ate a lot starting late in the afternoon. Eating good and a lot of food on the floor together with a good company was a special social event. Did you know that Romans prepare their food at home and they baked it in tabernas because they didn’t have a proper kitchen at home? The most famous recipes from the Roman times are definitly from well known cook Apicij and his book De re coquinaria. Believing or not, Apicij committed suicide once he ran out of the money and found out that he is not able to live in luxurious way anymore. The Romans invented ham in the dough, anchovy paste (garum), and started to mix pepper with honey.

Some restaurants in Ljubljana are preparing special Roman menus. Tantalize your taste buds with Roman culinary delights. Sample zucchini cooked in vinegar with coriander and pepper, ham in the dough and end your cena/dinner with a dessert (nuts, pine nuts, pepper, honey and milk) and fresh fruit. In vino veritas! I will whisper in your ear: »Come and experience 3 weeks of Roman games, starting on 22nd August in Ljubljana, continuing in Ptuj on 28th August and ending in Celje on 6th September 2014.«. Experience Poetovium/Ptuj, the oldest Slovenian town. Association Poetovio LXIX in cooperation with more than 42 different associations, 8000 Roman legionaries, 40000 Romans is organizing unforgetable event. Panem et circenses! Bread and games! Did you know that they called Celeia second Troy/Troia secunda? And recently arheologists discovered the remains of an ancient villa. Romans also know how to relax and chill out. In 39 BC Romans built first pools with warm, hot and cold water in Rimske Terme, the oldest Slovenian spa.

Last but not least, Romans knew how to enjoy life and live life. Let’s enjoy the moment!

Have a look at photos that Slocally captured on a study tour Ave Emona, Celeia et Poetovium.