Souvenirs from Slovenia

Souvenirs from Slovenia

Souvenirs from Slovenia can be a nice gift for your friends and family. For you maybe it is quite hard to recognize from the first hand what’s local and what’s not. Top-quality Slovenian handmade crafts are labelled with a sign Rokodelstvo-Art&Craft-Slovenija. Slovenia has many great gift options to offer. Here is a list of souvenirs and gifts typical for Slovenia.

My top 16 souvenirs from Slovenia

1. Idrija lace

Idrija town, only 63 kilometers away from Herbal Rooms Homestay, is famous for beauty created with a needle, bobbin and thread. There is a large variety of lace goods (towels, handkerchiefs, gloves, necklaces, earrings, underwear, etc.) and I am sure you will find something to give to your friend. Without a doubt almost every Slovenian house has a piece or two of this 300-years old lace-making tradition from Idrija.

2. Rogaška Crystal

High quality Rogaška crystal represents more than 350-year-old glass making tradition. Have you ever taste a wine from Rogaška crystal? Believe me, it tastes much better.

3. Slovenian Wines

Slovenia is a home to the oldest vine in the world and produces between 80-90 million liters of wine per year in 3 main wine growing regions. The region of Primorska is famous for ruby red Teran, and the whites (Rebula, Zelen, Pinela). In Podravje wine region search for Laški Rizling and Renski Rizling while the Posavje region offers Cviček, Modra Frankinja, and Metliška Črnina. Na zdravje and join my Wine Tasting Experience!

4. Salt flower from Piranske soline

In more than 700 years old Sečovlje salt-pans at the Slovenian coastline salt and salt flowers, considered to be one of the best salts in the world, are hand harvested. This “white gold” is well known among foodies and gourmands worldwide so it would be a pity if you don’t take at least a kilo back home to spice up your meals.

5. Painted Beehives Panels

Wooden painted hive front boards with traditional folklore images are for sure the most original souvenir from Slovenia. Choose the panel according to the story behind. Always welcome to join my Bee Happy Experience!

6. Slovenian Honey

Slovenia is a cradle of beekeeping and home of excellent beekeepers. To be Slovene, means to be a beekeeper. High-quality Slovenian honey with geographical designation of origin is Slovenia’s N°1 natural delicacy. HONEYstly 100 % best sweet treat!

7. Felt slippers

Soft felt slippers are handmade out of wool from indigenous Jezersko-Solčava sheep breed. Did you know that everyone who enters Slovenian home need to change shoes for slippers? Keep this tradition back home to remember your holidays in Slovenia.

8. Schnapps

In Slovenia we mostly consume homemade schnapps in the wintertime to prevent the illness. We believe that a schnapps or spirits are the best remedy for any health issue. But really any!!! The most popular schnapps flavors are blueberries (borovničke) and honey (medica).

9. Wooden ware products from Ribnica

Ribnica and surrounding villages have over 500 years old tradition of wooden ware making products. If wooden spoons don’t attract you, what about wooden toys for kids?

10. Pisanice Easter Eggs

Nicely decorated Easter eggs from Bela Krajina are truly folk craft. The knowledge is passed from one generation to another in order to keep old local tradition alive.

11. Prešeren Figs

Slovenian greatest poet Dr. France Prešeren supposed to carry dried figs in his coat pocket and children, craving for sweet treat, called him ‘Doctor, figs, figs!’ Relive the story and taste dried figs covered with dark chocolate. Tradition adapted to modern needs in the gastronomy.

12. Wishing bell from Bled

Everyone who plans his holidays in Slovenia, puts Bled on a bucket list. Wishing bell from Bled is a miniature copy of the bell that hangs in the church tower on the island of Lake Bled. Ring a bell and your wish will come true.

13. Bovec or Tolmin cheese

For these 2 cheeses with EU geographical designation of origin you need to drive to the dairy farms in Soca valley. Need a help with finding a cheese-maker? Send me an email to and I will guide you.

14. Heart-shaped honey bread

The decorated honey bread making is an old traditional handcraft of Slovenia. Colorful heart-shaped honey bread has always been a graceful symbol of love and affection. What differs Slovenian heart-shaped honey bread from honey breads in other countries, is a mirror in the middle of the heart for young women to admire themselves.

15. Pumpkin seed oil

Styrian-Prekmurje Pumpkin seed oil has EU Protected Designation of Origin. This green gold is a culinary specialty must to have in every kitchen.

16. Potica cake

Potica, spiral rolled cake, is a Slovenian traditional festive dessert and a real gastronomic treat.  There are many potica bread varieties following the seasons.

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  1. Always wanted to learn the making of this lace… All of your listed specialties are familiar. I have a treasured Beehive Panel that I received as a gift from my sister and brother-in-law Peter Jakopec and Marija Ana (Modic) from one of their visits to Peter’s home in Slovenija. milkaTheAppreciator

  2. I was in Slovenia for 10 days last month!! This site brings back wonderful memories! Thank you!

  3. You are more than welcome to come back to Slovenia. Have you checked Soca valley as well? If not, be my guest next time at Herbal Rooms Homestay. Vesna

  4. Hello, Idrial lace making is a beautiful skill to learn so when you come next time to Slovenia, let me know. I can put you in contact with a lace maker. Vesna

  5. Visited Family in Slovenia on 5 occasions! Always very special to see these items that are so special to Slovenia! I have many souvenirs and gifts from my visits!

  6. Great. Welcome anytime back to Slovenia. Which souvenir from Slovenia you like the most? Vesna

  7. Hi. I’m going to visit Slovênia next month. In Ljubljana where can I find those lovely beehives panels?


  8. Hello, you can find beehives panels in most of the shops that are selling Slovenian crafts. Especially in Ljubljana city center. Welcome anytime to experience Herbal Rooms Homestay in Soca valley. Vesna

  9. I too am interested in purchasing a painted beehive panel. I will only be in the Koper area. Any suggestions where I would find the panels?

  10. Dear Mary, the best way is to go to Tourist Information Center in Koper and ask there. I assume they have beepanels there. You are always welcome to visit us at Herbal Rooms Homestay in Soca valley. Vesna

  11. I have never been to Slovenia but it looks super beautiful

  12. You are more than welcome antime to experience Slovenia. Visit us in Soca valley. Check Herbal Rooms at Slocally website.

  13. Diane Kaye BakerMay 24, 2019 at 7:54 pm

    I visited relatives in Koritnica several years ago. What a beautiful place and the people are just wonderful. Slovenia is very special to me and I hope I can go back again.


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