Soca valley best views

Soca valley best views

Soca valley is one of the must see regions when exploring Slovenia. Surrounded by high mountains it offers great views over Soca river and its neigbouring regions.

My best views in Soca valley

Mangartsko sedlo/Mangart saddle

The Mangart road which is the highest mountain road in Slovenia was built by 500 workers in 1938 in only 8 months. At lenght of 12 kilometres there are 17 turns and 5 tunnels. Keep in mind that the road is very narrow! You can park your car close to the mountain cottage (opened every day in June, July, August) and walk to the meadows from where there are best vistas over Mangart, 4th highest mountain in Slovenia, and Belopeška jezera/ Laghi di Fusine on the Italian side.

Basic information about Mangart pass

Duration: 20 minutes by car.
Length: 12 kilometers from the crossroads at Predel pass to Mangart pass.
GPS location: N 46° 26′ 38.216″ E 13° 38′ 31.564″
Best time to visit: summer time to get clear views.
What to bring: trekking shoes and a bottle of water.
Entrance fee: 5 EUR for eco tax if you are visiting Mangart pass by car or motorbike.

Stol paragliding takeoff spot and mountain pasture Planina Bozca

35 kilometres long Stol mountain ridge is the longest ridge in the Julian Alps and popular destination for hikers, mountain bikers and paragliders. Stol paragliding takeoff spot, the highest takeoff point in Soca valley, offers spectacular views in pristine nature on Kanin mountains, the Julian Alps, Matajur and Krn mountain. Between June and September, you can visit mountain pasture Bozca and taste dairy products.

Basic information about Planina Bozca and Stol paragliding takeoff

Duration: 45 minutes by car.
Length: 14 kilometers from the cross road at Zaga village.
GPS location: N 46° 16′ 29.297″ E 13° 28′ 55.76″
Best time to visit: summer and autumn/fall.
What to bring: trekking shoes, a bottle of water, some snacks.

Kolovrat Open Air Museum

Once you arrive to the parking lot of Kolovrat Open Air Museum you will get amazed by spectacular mountains over onetime Isonzo front battlefield. In case you arrive on a foggy day, you will not have the opportunity to take photos of the vistas. Instead you can imagine how soldier were struggling during Isonzo front.

Basic information about Kolovrat Open Air Museum

Duration: 25 minutes by car.Length: 15 kilometers from Kobarid.
GPS location: N 46° 11′ 7.071″ E 13° 39′ 38.306″
Best time to visit: all year around (be careful in the winter or autumn/fall when the path gets snowy and slippery).
What to bring: proper shoes, a lamp.

Grad castle above Tolmin

Kobala paragliding takeoff spot

Imagine driving on a partly asfalt and partly gravel zig-zag road between Tolmin and mountain pasture Stador and hoping no one is coming from the opposite direction is unique driving experience. From forest-covered Kobala mountain you will get amazing views on Tolmin basin and high mountains around. Apparently, Kobala is popular paragliding and hang gliding takeoff spot, well-known competition site so as one of the best flying sites in the Alps.

Basic information about Kobala paragliding takeoff above Tolmin

Duration: 35 minutes by car from Tolmin.
Length: 15 kilometers driving from Tolmin, through Podljubinj, Ljubinj to Stador mountain pasture.
GPS location: N 46° 10′ 51.454″ E 13° 46′ 46.721″
Best time to visit: spring, summer and autumn/fall.
What to bring: trekking shoes, a bottle of water, some snacks.

Vrse paragliding takeoff above Volce

Above Volce village there is Vrse paragliding takeoff spot which offers beautiful views on Tolmin basin. It is the best location to take photos of Tolmin area during Metal Days Festival!

Basic information about Vrse paragliding takeoff

Duration: 10 minutes by car from Volce village.
Length: 5 kilometers from Volce village to Kolovrat mountain range.
GPS location: N 46° 11′ 2.472″ E 13° 41′ 44.529″
Best time to visit: spring, summer and autumn/fall.
What to bring: trekking shoes, a bottle of water, some snacks.

Senica hill viewpoint above Most na Soci

Senica viewpoint is one of the best viewpoints in Soca valley. You get amazing vistas on emerald green Soca river, surrounding hills and towns (Most na Soči, Tolmin).

Basic information about Senica hill viewpoint

Duration: 60 minutes by walk from Most na Soči.
Difficulty: easy to moderate.
GPS location: N 46° 9′ 41.117″ E 13° 45′ 25.611″
Best time to visit: all year around.
What to bring: trekking shoes, a bottle of water, some snacks.

Farmstay Široko

High up in the mountains above Most na Soci you will find Siroko farmstay. Farmstay Siroko is popular wedding destination among Slovene couples and offers budget eating options of local specialities (frika, zlikrofi, struklji dumplings – try with chocolate!). Expect marvellous views.

Basic information about farmstay Siroko

Duration: 12 minutes by car.
Length: 6 kilometers from Most na Soci to farmstay Siroko.
GPS location: N 46° 7′ 54.126″ E 13° 45′ 35.499″
Best time to visit: all year around.
What to bring: trekking shoes and a bottle of water.

Park Pecno

Park Pecno is unique mixture of cultural and natural attraction in Kanal town. Walk through the park and from the chapel you can admire Kanal bridge and Soca river. Get more information about the Park Pecno here.  

Basic information about Park Pecno

Duration: 30 minutes to 1 hour by walk.
Length: 2 kilometers to get to the chapel.
Difficulty: easy.
GPS location: N 46° 5′ 28.999″ E 13° 37′ 49.85″
Best time to visit: all year around (be careful after the rain because the path can be very slippery!).
What to bring: proper shoes and a bottle of water.

Sabotin Peace Park

609 meters high Sabotin hill overlooking towns of Solkan, Nova Gorica and Gorizia, is the last Alpine hill and the first Mediterranean hill in Soca valley. It is a popular hiking and cycling spot especially during weekends. Today it hosts an WW1 open air museum and promotes harmony between the nations. Take a lamp and explore the cavern and trenches. 

Basic information about Sabotin Peace Park

Duration: 1 hour by walk.
Length: 1 kilometer to get from Okrepcevalnica Park miru to the church of Saint Valentin.
Difficulty: easy.
GPS location: N 45° 59′ 18.257″ E 13° 38′ 5.145″
Best time to visit: winter, spring and autumn/fall (avoid summer time because it gets really hot and there are snakes!)
What to bring: proper shoes, a bottle of water and some snack.

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