Slovenian Food and Wine Brda region

Slovenian Food and Wine Brda region

Brda region, a fairytale region on the western part of Slovenia with rolling hills and stunning villages, is one of Slovenia’s best wine regions. Good wine goes with a good food, right?

Culinary highlights in Brda region

Brda region  is 1 wine region streched between 2 countries (Slovenia and Italy) where 3 languages are spoken. It is one of the warmest places in Slovenia and a trully fruit paradise. Thanks to a mild Mediteranean climate every season (except winter) offers a vast range of hand-picked fruits starting with cherries, apricots, figs, peaches, plums, grapes, and continuing with olives and persimmon. In comparison with Soca valley Alpine cuisine, Brda Mediteranean flavours are more mild and fresh. The locals use a lot of herbs and wild edibles, olive oil and wine while preparing dishes. In 2015 Brda region won an award of the Slovenian destination of excellence EDEN due to its outstanding gastronomy and oenology. So, welcome all foodies and food lovers to experience Brda cuisine!

8 food and wines you should try when visiting Brda region

Part of my family comes from Brda region so I have been preparing and tasting local Brda cuisine since my childhood. I am sharing with you my top 8 culinary delights you should try when visiting Brda region. By the way, Herbal Rooms Homestay in Soca valley are only a hill away from Brda wine region. Book your Herbal Room here.

1. Frtalja

Frtalja, a simple dish prepared in spring and summer, is a herbal omelette mixed with eggs (in the past eggs were rarely used in everyday’s cuisine), seasonal aromatic herbs (mainly we use balm-mint, chives, feverfew, sage from our herbal garden) and a pinch of a salt. If you like, you can add some prosciutto or sausage for a better taste. Frtalja is a perfect snack when you are walking through the vineyards in Brda (of course, I always prepare homemade frtalja for my guests and they love it!!!). Book your local guide here.

2. Kuhna

Kuhna is an old Slovenian word for onepot dish (enolončnica). Italian word minestrone was used after WW1 when local villagers came back home from working camps. This thick soups were prepared during cold winter times using the ingredients from the cellar (beans, potatoes, turnip, etc.)

3. Toč with white polenta

Toč is another name for a sauce. In the past toč was an everyday’s dish which goes together with polenta. Točirati means to soak a piece of polenta into a sauce. Toč and white polenta are placed on the briški tond (plate in a local dialect). I can share with you a local tip how polenta should be cut local way. Book a walk with Slocally!

4. Cherries

The first fresh fruit of the year in Slovenia is a sweet red cherry that is coming from Brda region. In the past Brda women were carrying huge baskets ful of cherries on their heads and bikes to Plave train station from where the cherries were brought as far as Vienna and Sankt Petersburg. Every year there is 3 weeks long cherry festival (the biggest festival in Brda region) taking place in different towns. You should book your accommodation way in advance. What about staying at Herbal Rooms Homestay?!

5. Pituralke

Pituralke (pears) are winter pears for preparing desserts. Fresh pituralke are not easy to eat. The best is to cook pituralke into a sweet water. Visit Brda region in autumn/fall and winter time and taste them! But there are only few places where you can taste pituralke in Brda region. Let me know if you want to taste them!

6. Extra virgin olive oil

Brda region is the northernmost part of Europe where the olive trees are still growing. In 1929 Brda region was caught by a great frost which destroyed almost all olive groves. The local olive oil varieties are belica and črnica. Every year local enthusiasts organize Rebula and olive oil festival in Višnjevik village.

Would you like to taste extra virgin olive oil directly from an olive oil producer? Send me an email to

7. Rebula wine

You can not leave Brda region without tasting Rebula. Rebula or Ribolla Gialla in Italian language is white wine grape growing on the rolling-hills of Brda region and Friuli-Venezia Giulia region of northeast Italy. Rebula grape is typically a deep colored, light bodied wine with high acidity and floral notes. And it goes well with Soca trout. Meet the wine makers in person and taste Brda wines.

8. Orange wine

Orange wine is becoming a trendy/hypster wine. I hosted many guests at Herbal Rooms Homestay who wanted to do only orange wine tasting. What is an orange wine? Orange wine is a white wine made by leaving the grape skins and grape seeds in contact with the juice for four days to sometimes over a year. Would you like to taste orange wine while exploring Brda region? Send me an email to and get a list of orange wine producers in Brda wine region.

Where to eat in Brda region?

The restaurants/tourist farms/gostilnas (local inns) below are not listed in alphabetical order but according to 3 most visited tourist places in Brda region (Šmartno, Dobrovo, Medana). Check beforehand traveling to Brda region if and when the restaurants are opened! The owners really appreciate if you book your meal in advance as the Italians do 😉 Dober tek and Na zdravje!

Šmartno and its surroundings

Hotel San Martin, Šmartno 11, 5211 Kojsko
T: 00386 5 330 56 60

Hiša Marica, Šmartno 33, 5211 Kojsko
T: 00386 5 304 10 39, 00386 41 788 305

Hiša Kulture Šmartno, Šmartno 38-40, 5211 Kojsko
T: 00386 41 341 149

Gostišče Turn, Šmartno 62, 5211 Kojsko
T: 00386 5 620 12 24, 00386 51 684 132
E: /

Okrepčevalnica Pri Marjotu, Gonjače 28c, 5211 Kojsko
T: 00386 5 30 41 029, 00386 41 546 023

Kmečki turizem Marinič, Vedrijan 17, 5211 Kojsko
T: 00386 5 304 54 95
E: /

Hotel Kozana, Kozana 94, 5212 Dobrovo
T: 00386 5 39 88 700

Posestvo Pintar, Brestje 12a, 5211 Kojsko
T: 00386 5 304 16 20, 00386 41 267 236

Hiša Štekar, Snežatno 26, 5211 Kojsko
T: 00386 5 30 46 540

Kmetija Štekar, Snežatno 31a, 5211 Kojsko
T: 00386 40 221 413

Picerija Mammamia, Hum 54a, 5211 Kojsko
T: 00386 5 99 035 12, 00386 41 645 871

Okrepčevalnica Na lepem razgledu, Gornje Cerovo 51, 5211 Kojsko
T: 00386 40 238 990

Okrepčevalnica Muzej Sabotin
T: 00386 40 253 234

Pri Bregarju, Podsabotin 18, 5211 Kojsko
T: 00386 40 601 216, 00386 31 866 094

Valentinčič turizem, Podsabotin 48a, 5211 Kojsko
T: 00386 5 304 65 78, 00386 41 651 939

Dobrovo and its surroundings

Grad Dobrovo, Grajska cesta 10, 5212 Dobrovo
T: 00386 5 395 95 06, 00386 41 633 227

Gostilnica pr’noni, Neblo 1, 5212 Dobrovo
T: 00386 5 304 50 35
E: /

Hotel Venko, Neblo 11, 5212 Dobrovo
T: 00386 5 398 87 50

Vino in turizem Šibav, Neblo 45, 5212 Dobrovo
T: 00386 41 818 163, 00386 31 863 512

Gostilna Križada, Neblo 47, 5212 Dobrovo
T: 00386 39 59 156

Domačija Kabaj, Šlovrenc 4, 5212 Dobrovo
T: 00386 5 395 95 60, 00386 41 454 002

Picerija pr’Andreju, Drnovk 21, 5212 Dobrovo
T: 00386 5 62 02 441, 00386 31 268 153

Gostilna Peternel, Hruševje 24, 5212 Dobrovo
T: 00386 5 304 26 70

Kmetija z nastanitvijo Breg, Breg pri Golem Brdu 3, 5212 Dobrovo
T: 00386 5 30 42 555

Medana and its surroundings

Vino Modana, Medana 16, 5212 Dobrovo
T: 00386 5 395 96 00

Ošterija Klinec, Medana 20, 5212 Dobrovo
T: 00386 40 663 322

Belica, Medana 32, 5212 Dobrovo
T: 00386 5 304 21 04

Turistična kmetija Kren, Plešivo 15, 5212 Dobrovo
T: 00386 5 304 53 68

Bužinel, Plešivo 37a, 5212 Dobrovo
T: 00386 5 30 45 082, 00386 31 671 705

Belvin, Plešivo 38, 5212 Dobrovo
T: 00386 5 395 94 10

Nejka@Uroš Klinec, Plešivo 51, 5212 Dobrovo
T: 00386 31 339 463

Gredič, Ceglo 9, 5212 Dobrovo
T: 00386 5 82 80 120

Vila Vipolže, Vipolže 29, 5212 Dobrovo
T: 00386 31 699 458

Culinary festivals in Brda wine region

Brda in vino/Brda and wine festival – April
Praznik rebule in oljčnega olja/Rebula and olive oil festival – April or May
Dnevi odprtih kleti/Open wine day – June
Praznik češenj/ Cherry festival – June
Martinovanje/St.Martin’s day – November

Do you need a local wine and food guide in Brda region? Let me know and I will try to make your culinary journey in Brda region unforgettable! Feel free to write me an email to

Don’t know where to sleep? Search no more! There are various accommodation options in Brda region. In case Posestvo Pintar is booked, check B&B Belica, Guest House Valentinčič, Apartma Pulec, Apartma Oton Reya, Marica, Pri Bregarju, Garni hotel Dvor, Apartments Dvor, Alma Vista.

But if you want to avoid the crowds, you are more than welcome to experience Herbal Rooms Homestay in Soca valley (a hill away from Brda wine region).

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