Slovenia best walks in the autumn

Slovenia best walks in the autumn

Slovenia is a small green European country where walking is a number one sport. Of course, beside gardening 🙂 Autumn is definitly one of my best seasons of the year to explore Slovenia. The nature is completely changing its colours. From orange yellow autumn leaves to dark green pine trees. A great mosaic of Slovenian colourful nature! I guarantee that Slovenia is one of the best walking destination in Europe!

Discover my 3 favourite walks you should do in autumn in western Slovenia

Slovenia best walks in the autumn

Walk along Soca river

Autumn is very peaceful time in Soca valley. Most of the Trenta valley does not get any sun for 3 months!!! And you will rarely meet hikers on the way. But you will definitely get amazed by dramatic mountain range of Julian Alps covered with snow and multiple shades of autumn colors in the valley. This is my favourite part on Alpe Adria Trail. Start walking on 25 kilometers long Soca trail from Trenta to Bovec early in the morning (latest 9am) so you won’t need a torch late in the afternoon when arriving to Bovec 🙂 Of course you can shorten Soca walk and start walking from Soca Great Gorges instead and save some time to enjoy emerald Soca river and taste local cuisine on the way. Check out opening hours of the restaurants and bars along the way so as how to get to Soca valley by public transport. Need some additional help with planning your Soca walk? Send me an email to

Slovenia best walks in the autumn

Vineyard walking in Brda region

Tuscany of Slovenia, fairytale, magical, picturesque. These are the words describing Brda region. Rolling hills, endless vineyards, hilltop towns nestled between the Alps and Adriatic sea will blow you away in autumn time. Read why should do vineyard walk in Brda region. Traveling off season, especially after harvesting time, means more opportunities to mingle with local Brda wine makers and taste must directly from the barrels. And a walk will help you to lessen the effects off alcohol as well 🙂 My favorite walk in Brda region is 15-16 kilometers long and it covers top places and wineries you should visit when traveling to Brda region (Šmartno, Biljana, Dobrovo, Medana). Join me next time and walk with me in Brda region!

Slovenia best walks in the autumn

Wine trekking in Vipava valley

Vipava valley as often neglected destination by many visitors (but fortunately there are many local enthusiasts who are running different local experiences in order to attract more like-minded tourists eager to explore unique Vipava valley), offers many walking paths along Vipava valley wine road. Do not be afraid if bora wind, Slovene hurricane, catches you on the way 🙂 By walking off the beaten path in Vipava valley you will get the best introduction to Slovenian wine growing countryside. A triangle walking path (unfortunately the path is not signed!) that connects villages Slap-Lože-Goče is outstanding and worth doing it as a day walk.

Slovenia best walks in the autumn

… But there is one more walk on the western part of Slovenia which can not be missed during autumn …

Slovenia best walks in the autumn

This walk leads you through the vineyards between Tomaj and Dutovlje in the Karst region. Why is this walk so special? Because of the red grape leaves from indigenous rubin red Teran wine and old way vineyard trellis that can be find here almost exclusively. Just get lost between the vines and take some great selfies.

I am telling you that Slovenia is great country for autumn walks with numerous awe-inspiring nature spots, rich heritage and great places to eat and drink local.

It would be a pleasure to guide you around Soca valley, Brda region, Vipava valley. These are the areas I know as a back of my hand.

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  1. What month is Autumn in Slovenia?

  2. I would suggest you come in September or October when the days are still long enough. It would be great to host you at Herbal Rooms Homestay in Soca valley. Vesna

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