Slocally turned 3!!!

Slocally turned 3!!!

Time goes by very fast and here we go! In January 2016 Slocally turned 3!!!

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My beginings in Slovenian tourism 

3 years ago I started with organizing hands-on activities in rural Soca valley. I met amazing locals who are promoting Slovenia as a green, creative and active destination. Very inspiring people with great stories to tell.

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You will fall in love with sLOVEnia

In my free time and, of course when I have foreign friends or guests around, I am exploring Slovenia’s highlights and hidden gems. Eventhough it is so small, Slovenia has so many great places to see and visit. This is a lovely place where you can get back to nature! If you are planning to visit this European gem, allow yourself at least 10 days and spend amazing holidays here. Discover Slovenia to its deepest! And I am sure your reply after leaving will be something like: „Vesna, 10 days were not enough for Slovenia. We are definitely coming back. Because we absolutely felt in love with your country Slovenia.“

Check my bucket list for Slovenia in 2015!

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Herbal Rooms, Travelstarter, Green Room and Lonely Planet

After one year I opened the doors of Herbal Rooms* Homestay where our guests have an opportunity to sleep on herbal pillows. Sounds like a wonderful experience, doesn’t it? If you hang around Soca valley in the western part of Slovenia, you are more than welcome to stay overnight in a lovely and special place. Check Herbal Rooms* Homestay!

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By the way, previous year we ran quite successful campaign on crowdfunding platform for big and small ideas in tourism. There is still some work to be done, but by the end of the spring time you will already be chillaxing in our Green Room ;)!

A perfect early Christmas present came from Lonely Planet team, that selected Slocally as a Top Choice Things to do in Western Slovenia&Soča valley. Thumbs up!

The Creative Traveler's Handbook songwriter Irmie

Many guests really leave remarkable impact and keep on surprising even after leaving Slovenia. I’m glad of having the opportunity to meet Irmie and Elena. Irmie is a talented singer and songwriter with a real passion for creating her own songs and feeding off the inspiration also from visiting Slovenia and its people. Her friend Elena, a forever curious world traveler, recently fulfilling a big life dream, the publication of her first-ever book “The Creative Traveler’s Handbook“. So nice to find myself between the written lines (page 9 :)). Yes, birds of a feather really flock together. Thank you.

Blog Feel Slovenia

Last but not least, I started writing about my Slovenia experiences on my blog. I do not call myself a travel blogger though 🙂 Nevertheless I want to share tourist-friendly information about all the secrets Slovenia offers for you to discover!

Check my three most „liked“ Feel Slovenia blog posts and share them with your friends! It is much easier than before. Comments at the end of the posts will also be very helpful!


Soca valley should be on your bucket list when in Slovenia

50 shades of sLOVEnia

Experience Vipava valley – less visited Slovenian region

3 exciting, creative, adventurous years … and to many many more 🙂


I expect you here 😉

Have a nice day!


Written by Vesna on 14th January 2015.