My Slovenia bucket list 2015

My Slovenia bucket list 2015


I am a nature seeker, an outdoor lover, a foodie, heritage connoisseur and traveler. And I love exploring my own country Slovenia. Slovenia is a small country with countless possibilities to to explore its treasures, depending what tickles your fancy most. In 2015 I will hit the road and experience:

– Pletna boat ride on Bled lake (even thought it is very touristy)
– Boat cruise on Ljubljanica river and tantalizing my taste buds with Slovene delicacies
– Giving a hug to the mother of all Slovenian linden trees (Najevska lipa) in Koroška region
– Festival of traditional wooden ware in Ribnica
– Spending a night in a vineyard cottage in Dolenjska region
Stand Up Paddling on Soca river
– Hiking around Triglav lakes (I have already been to Triglav but never did a hike around Triglav lakes.)
– Learning how to decorate Trnič cheese (I met a lady who does decorations and I want to experience it myself.)
– Sweet Istria international festival of desserts in Slovenia (I intended to visit it in 2014 but it was raining dogs and cats.)
Hiking to Otlica window (Otliško okno) on Banjšice and Trnovo plateau
– Having dinner in the sky in Ljubljana (for sure top food experience in 2015!)
Experience Logarska valley and waterfall Rinka
– Kayaking along Kolpa river
– Visiting repnice in Bizeljsko region
– Wellness experience in Olimje (I love our spas and wellness centers)
– Hiking along Paranzana trail (Sunny weather is guaranteed!)
– International carnival festival in Ptuj
– Walking along Trapist hiking trail in Brestanica (I checked the video about it and I want to be there)
– Making Kobarid dumplings štruklji
– Visiting Bled gorge
– Timber rafting on Drava river
– Attending Cows’ Ball in Bohinj and taste Bohinj cheese (My guests loved it and I am sure I will too.)

This is my Bucketlist. I am sure the list is not completed yet 🙂

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