Skarucna Food Experience

Skarucna Food Experience

Skarucna Food Experience is hosted by a chef Marko Žagar in a tiny village of Skaručna that lies in the outskirts of Ljubljana. Marko manages Skarucna Gourmet Club that promotes and preserves excellent Slovenian culinary heritage to Slovenian and international gourmets.

Culinary experience to its best

Make a toast with homemade spirits infused with herbs or homemade apple juice and let the Skarucna Food Experience start. This culinary experience is not an ordinary cooking class or a casual dinner. It is truly a social experience in a home-like atmosphere.

Marko is more than happy to share culinary knowledge with his guests in his authentic gourmet kitchen. This unique place provides a friendly culinary experience where guests enjoy food, prepare Slovenian delicacies and socialize with the fellows. What differs Skarucna Gourmet Club from other restaurants is that there are no waiters.

It is a perfect place for any kind of parties like birthdays, weddings, family or class reunions, anniversary celebration, or just for partying with friends.

The world of delicious home-made food, selected Slovenian wines from the best Slovenian winemakers and relaxed atmosphere awaits you in Skarucna, revered gourmet destination.

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