Rebula and Olive oil festival

Rebula and Olive oil festival

Rebula and Olive oil festival

Come and check Rebula and Olive Oil Festival in April!

When: mid April

Where: Višnjevik, Goriška Brda

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At this years’ festival in Višnjevik you are invited to see the crowning of the 3rd Rebula Queen. But nevertheless I need to mention also the oldest and toughest of all women from Brda – and this is Rebula.

Rebula – still or sparkling?

The most intensively planted sort in Goriška Brda is Rebula, usually called Rumena (Yellow). Rebula and small village of Višnjevik are very close to each other. Legend says Višnjevik is a birthplace of Rebula. The village is surrounded by plenty of vineyards and olive trees groves.

Rebula (first mentioned in 14th century) was brought to Brda from Italy. Its straw-yellow color, fruity smell and very fresh taste are only three main ingredients of this local dry wine.

rebula olive oil goriska brda

Usually combined with chardonnay and pinot noir the Rumena Rebula is commonly used as an excellent base in the process of making some of the best local sparkling wines (like Bjana, Medot or Vinska klet Goriška Brda).

Rumena Rebula has a special place in the hearts of all people living in Goriška Brda. The wine region is very proud of Rebula and I don’t think you can find any wine producer in Goriška Brda that cannot offer you a glass of Rebula, prepared in a way he thinks is the best!

So welcome and na zdravje!

Olive Oil – Mediterranean Gold

Oh, I almost forgot to mention the second important part of traditional Rebula and Olive oil Festival! Olives and olive oil, of course!

olive oil goriska brda

In Goriška Brda’s cuisine, at home and in professional kitchens, the olive oil has always had a special role. Used as a main type of oil for salad dressings (of course with wine vinegar) the olive oil’s companions on degustations will usually be pieces of bread and/or local cheese. But some gastronomic visionaries can go even more further. They play with numerous combinations of white polenta, local frtalja, the best chefs even with sorbetto prepared with vanilla ice cream, and its all combined with – you will not believe – extra virgin olive oil!

olive oil tasting goriska brda

Some of these specialties will also be available for you to try on the festival. If you will miss the festival or you will be paying a visit in Goriška Brda some other day, never mind. There are some other options –  all year around.

Where can I taste local olive oil in Goriška Brda?

Hiša Kulture, Šmartno 38-40, 5211 Kojsko, T: 00386 41 341 149

Kmetija Drnovšček “Kovačevi”, Vedrijan 2a, 5211 Kojsko, T: 00386 31 847 343 E:

Boris in Denis Marinič, Ceglo 15, 521 2 Dobrovo, T: 00386 41 413 531

Vinarstvo in sadjarstvo Na bregu  Marinič, Šmartno 77, 5211 Kojsko T: 00386 31 321 378

Domačija Kumar-Primar, Šmartno 1a, 5211 Kojsko T: 00386 40 746 288

olive oil tasting goriska brda

While Goriška Brda lies in Slovenia, I would suggest you to pay a visit to Collio region in Italy that is highly populated with Slovenes. It is only a drive away. Indulge your taste buds in tasting olive oil at the family-run farm.

Družinska kmetija Komjanc, Jazbine 35, 34070 Števerjan (Gorizia), Italy, T: 0039 (0) 481 391 228, E:

You want some local experience?

Picking olives  happens in autumn, usually in November.

Wine Tasting Brda – each day is a perfect day!

Walking Wine Tour Brda – the best Brda experience designed for you!

Tired? Numerous hotels in Goriška Brda can be found on the, but if you want to get away from the crowds you are always welcome in the Herbal Rooms Homestay in Plave.