Plajer farmstay experience

Plajer farmstay experience

Slovenia hosts many great organic farmstays where you can spend your holidays. Plajer farmstay, a family and pet friendly accommodation in Soca valley, is one of them. The farm is located at the end of the traffic-less road, near the forest and close to Soča river, in the heart of the Triglav National Park surrounded by magnificent Julian Alps.

We spent at Player farmstay 2 lovely spring days. A sign »Welcome« at the front door of a yellowish house with steep roof covered with wooden tiles, Marko’s big smile (he is working at TNP Info Center Dom Trenta) when he brought the key of our room and meeting a blind and deaf dog Medo, was a relief after driving on a zig-zag roads on Vršič pass.

A room caters all of our needs (small kitchen so we can prepare a snack for Lucija so she could easily wait for a dinner that is usually served at 7pm), clean bathroom with potty training, spacious and comfortable bed with cushion filled with buckwheat shells, sleepers made out of wool.

Plajer farmstay offers 5 self-catering apartments, named after sheep earmarks to honor the tradition of sheep and goat breeding in the Trenta Valley (Stopinja, Klanfa, Rez, Jamca, Sprano), a hayloft with cozy hay beds, home-cooked fresh food, playground for children and wellness.

I planned to show Lucija farm animals (sheep, chickens, rabbits, donkey – which are the main attraction for kids) that day, but she was more into the swinging so I toured around the farmstay by myself. 😉

Sheep breeding at Plajer farmstay

Despite the rain (well, it was not raining that much!), Lucija could had been swinging all day long. Player family is really a child-friendly farmstay.

At Plajer farmstay who are dealing with farm tourism nearly 40 years time just stops and you really enjoy the moment with your beloved ones and the owners Stanka, Marko and their four children (Matevž, Jakob, Gregor, Maruša) who are exceptional hosts.

Plajer farmstay has its own flourishing vegetable garden where seasonal veggies are growing. Due to harsh conditions it is quite difficult to farm and cultivating the land.

The specialty of their offer are breakfasts and dinners which are served in a nicely furnished dinning room. Lucija was so proud sitting on the child chair with a sheep fur attached on it. She loves eating but there were moments during the dinner when she left the spoon on the table and just touched softy sheep fur. 🙂 Plajer farmstay is an eco farm. They are producing as much as possible food stuffs but in the meanwhile they are offering high-quality products from the best Slovenian farms.

For the dinner we tantalized our taste buds with zucchini soup, polenta with lamb and apple tarte while for the breakfast Stanka prepared homebaked bread, lard, Tolmin and Bovec cheese, cottage cheese with potatoes, salami, jams and honey, yogurt and muesli. Outstanding service and hospitality of the local family!

The next day after the breakfast, Lucija felt in love with a donkey Jaki. She was touching his nose, admiring sheep which were loudly eating hay. She spent almost half an hour walking up and down (it was more running than walking!) the steep and traffic-less road.

The Guardian recently awarded Plajer farmstay to be Europe best farmstay. Among 20 best farmstays there are 3 organic farms from Slovenia as well (Francinovi, Pr’Povšin, Lešnik).  No wonder that Plajer farmstay is not part of any accommodation platform so book well in advance through their website.

What to do and see in Trenta valley?

Walk Alpe Adria Trail,
visit TNP Info Center Dom Trenta in Trenta,
walk to the Soca source,
taste Soca valley cuisine,
drive on a zig-zag Vršič pass,
visit WW1 cemetery in Soca village.