Pedrovo village experience

Pedrovo village experience

Pedrovo village is a tiny remoted village on the northern edge of the Karst plateau, overlooking the Vipava and Branica valley. It offers great views of the entire Vipava valley, Nanos, Trnovo forest, the Julian Alps and Brda region. The village, which is considered one of the most beautiful examples of preservation of settlement heritage in Slovenia, was mentioned for the first time in the 13th century as the property of the Rihemberk gentry from the nearby Rihemberk castle, one of the oldest and largest castles in the area.

The settlement almost died extensively a few years ago, but thanks to some individuals who choose to live here, the village is again alive. The village which had 110 inhabitants at the beginning of the 20th century, had only two in the past decades, today has 18, and on the weekends the number increases. While walking around the village, you can spot 2 types of architecture style: Vipava architecture style and Karst architecture style (using limestone). Until now only 1 house has not been restored yet (it is on sale if you want to buy it though!). Pedrovo, a sleeping beauty, is full of life and activity. Today, culture, organic farming and tourism are intertwined in the village.

A gentle 2,5 kilometers long road leads through a bright forest to the village passing by former pastures, marshes and wine growing terrace. Pedrovo has been known for the largest barrel around here, and spacious chestnut groves. Unfortunately when the tractors came to Vipava valley in 70s, villagers from Pedrovo could not used them due to the steep terrain so they started moving out the village to Koper area.

What differs Pedrovo from the other remoted villages is that here you can find a complete peace. All of the vehicles must stay out of the village at the parking place. Sit in the shade of trees near the church, relax in peace and enjoy fantastic views.

There are 3 homestead which are slowly but surely putting Pedrovo village on a tourist map.

Čilčevi homestead with Borut and Tom which has at the moment herd of 60 autochthonous animals (Dreznica goat and Istrska pramenka sheep, the most endangered indigenous sheep breed in Slovenia) is planning to provide all year around cheese tasting experience pairing it with jams and wine. At the time of writing they were in a process of building cheese curing chamber and tasting room for cheeses. Their future plan is to build 2 apartments as well. Can not wait to visit them again in June and taste their cheeses.

Abram homestead/Hiša Artes with Metka and Dragan who recently sold their art gallery in Nova Gorica and moved it to Pedrovo village. They are planning to host art colonies and establish forma viva at their property. At the time of writing they were in a process of building 2 apartments for the guests.

Toncevi eco tourist farm run by a cheerful couple Mark, who is a chef, and his wife Alenka, who takes care of the restaurant and accommodation, is a place of weekend happening. Their tourist farm is fantastic.

This year they moved black kitchen outside where they provide mouth-watering meals (and home baked bread as well!) cooked over the fire. Prior arrangement is required.

While I visited them in April, a month long event Taste the wild Karst took place so I was more than happy to taste omelette with wild edibles, prosciutto and Tolmin cheese; thick soup with wild edibles; home made pasta (the dough was made with Teran wine!) with wild asparagus; roast beef with baked potatoes covered with savory; struklji dumplings with cottage cheese and apple strudl ice cream. If you miss April’s spring menu, you are more than welcome to visit Toncevi tourist farm in October and taste their autumn menu through month long event Month of Karst cuisine.

Main events in Pedrovo village:

Mid June: Obujeno Pedrovo/reviving Pedrovo village (tasting wines of winemakers associated with Pedrovo).

Late December: Čarobno Pedrovo/magical Pedrovo village.

Where to sleep?

Until now the only sleeping option in Pedrovo village is provided by Toncevi eco tourist farm.

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  1. Margaret (peggy) S PersheyMay 19, 2019 at 11:23 pm

    Beautiful and I would love to visit as I tour the country of my grandparent’s birth

  2. Dear Peggy, you are more than welcome. Contact me at so I can arrange a local guide for you. Herbal greetings, Vesna

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