Park Pečno in Soca valley

Park Pečno in Soca valley

Park Pečno is a special park. It is a place where nature, culture, sport and various events go hand in hand. It is a truly meditative, spiritual place with many hidden corners and tiny treasures of nature that are revealed.

Park Pečno has been developing by O.Z.O.N. association since 2014 with the selective cleaning of overgrown forest. Thus, in the lower part of the park, a forma viva is formed with a centrally located gallery Razglednica in a forest house hosting photo exhibitions mainly. Here is the central place of all events. Nearby you can find a reading “room” with many books. In the winter time a bowl with sunflower seeds is placed and you can take seeds with you to the bird feeder.

The park celebrates three great holidays dedicated to nature, both equinoxes and summer solstice. Then we organize traditional events. One of them takes place in the spring time and it is called gregorjevo or Slovenian Valentine’s day when the visitors search along the forest trails hidden ceramic flutes, a symbol of gregorjevo in Park Pečno. In the summer, on the midsummer eve, the visitors are searching for ceramic fern seeds. The beginning of autumn is marked by the opening of a sculpture exhibition. As you can see, the park never completely rests 😉

In addition to traditional events, the archery tournament Pečno otvorč and Cinema in the forest are very well visited. Under the tree branches in the embrace of the forest Cinema in the forest represents Slovenian films and their creators in cooperation with the Goriški Kinoatelje.

Weddings are among the most beautiful and most festive events in the park. Until now, park Pečno hosted three weddings. There should have been also the fourth one but was cancelled on the day of the wedding.

How to enter the park?

You enter the park from the bank of the Soca river through 40 meters long and over 100 years old stones walled underpass. After 2 kilometers throught Park Pečno forest you are almost 200 meters higher by the chapel. Under the sightseeing point at the chapel there is a plantation of rosehips that are growing in Slovenia. This is the best viewpoint above Kanal town with its majestic bridge. The route is mostly circular. Part of this route serves as a cycling MTB track.

In the future, we intend to continue cleaning the forest and acquiring space for forma viva and other content and extending the network of hiking trails.

Basic information about Park Pečno

Duration: 30 minutes to 1 hour.
Length: 2 kilometers.
Difficulty: easy.
GPS location: N 46° 5′ 28.999″ E 13° 37′ 49.85″
Best time to visit: all year around (be careful after the rain because the path can be very slippery!).
What to bring: proper shoes and a bottle of water.
Entrance fee: free.

Park Pečno is a beautiful park surrounded by greenery and a quiet and worthy place to be visited while exploring Soca valley. For a few hours in complete relaxation and nature! Welcome to park Pečno.

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