Majerija Food Experience

Majerija Food Experience

“Majerija, which got its name after the owner of the property Majer, was a Meyerhof of aristocratic Lanthieri family. In mid-19th century when Lanthieri family moved to Gorizia they sold their property to Majer. Due to drinking habits and gambling issues, the Majer family lost almost all of the property except the house, courtyard and garden. In 1994 when the last member of Majer family died, me and my wife bought Majerija and step by step started renovating it.”, Matej summarizes the history and continues that it took his family 12 years to rebuilt the residential part and country-style restaurant where he offers modern interpretations of Slovenian food (mainly from Vipava valley). In 2014 they opened underground countryside hotel with 10 double rooms which are built under herbal garden. Check room availability here.

In 2018 Majerija got an international award for the recovery of an ancient eighteenth-century farmhouse and for preserving a valuable architecture and landscape in a lasting and sustainable way. Congratulations!

In Majerija exquisite food can be paired with the best wines of Vipava valley (including orange wine!). In the 300 years old wine cellar there is a collection of more than 200 wine labels from Vipava valley and its neighboring regions. ”You know, a sparkling wine from Brda region and Teran wine from Karst region should not be missing there.”, a waiter Jernej says and continues that the main focus is on the wines from Vipava valley.

Following the steep stairs, I enter into a neat local shop with naturally produced stuff, such as liqueurs and spirits, jams, herbal syrups, honey with lavender, tomato sauce and even figs in sugar syrup.

A nicely decorated room with 6 tables (all of them were fully occupied for a Sunday’s lunch), calm music in the background, a glass of Pinela local wine variety from Vipava valley and slowly my 7 course menu started.

I was absolutely in heaven while tasting crystallized dandelion with yogurt and honey while beef carpaccio with young cheese, candied orange, roasted pine seeds and domestic herbs melted in my mouth immediately.

“Mlinci used to be a “rustic peasant dish” and if you do not prepare it properly, you can through it to the pigs. Properly simmered mlinci (a silky pile of “pasta” made from flatbreads grilled on a cast-iron stove) in boiling water for 5-6 seconds can be a meal for a king.”, say proudly chef Matej, who is one of the best chefs in Slovenia, and brought me a mlinci dish topped with broccoli.

I still had some spare place in my stomach for herbal noodles, dressed with lamb sauce and crispy spinach.

While slowly indulging my taste buds with herbal sorbet with candied cedar and clover, and listening to a gentle music, I prepared myself for pork file stuffed with asparagus, decorated with puree, concasse tomato sauce and dressed with white wine sauce.

Chocolate cake on a pink garden with a glass of sweet wine from Saksida winery was a perfect ending of my Majerija Food Experience. “Until Saint Martin’s day (11th November) the winemaker let the grapes stay on the vines. Later he leaves the grapes to dry for 3 months until he finally makes the wine.” explains Matej’s daughter Anita while pouring the wine into the glass.

You should put Majerija Food Experience with a concept from the garden to the table is a top-notch food experience on your travel itinerary while exploring Slovenia.

Wine-rich Vipava valley with outstanding gourmet treats like Majerija and idyllic rural scenery with leave you speechless because you don’t want to leave.

off-the-beaten-path through a tiny town Slap following the vineyards and a sign on a tree (a diagram of a plate and a wine glass) to get to Majerija,

neat and colorful herbal garden in front of a farmhouse,

lovingly handcrafted seasonal and simple dishes accompanied with fresh herbs,

tasting mlinci from Vipava valley (Majerija is the only restaurant which prepares it!),

helpful and knowledgeable waiters,

fabulous countryside setting with mountains and acacia-edged fields views.