Magical Kingdom of king Matjaž

Magical Kingdom of king Matjaž

I am sending you greetings from Koroška region. Winter Event – King Matjaž Castles, the largest winter event in Carinthia, is held annually, namely the last weekend in January, on the Mitnek pod Peco plain. So far the event has hosted tens of thousands of visitors. The main event is definitely team competition in building snow castles. This year teams have created unique snow creations: shoes, castles, an apple, Snoopy, snowmen, an old rafter, Scorpion fish, camper, etc. Imagination knows no boundaries. So far, the team has built more than 1175 sculptures. The entire event is associated with the legend of King Matjaž, that says the King will woke up when his beard wraps around the table nine times.


Building snow castles, during which builders are alowed to use only snow, water, ice, and the wicker, starts in the morning and ends at 4pm in the magical atmosphere of torches and candles. Castle surveyors are there to ensure there is no theft of territory. Magical and memorable winter experience I want to share with you next year!

Have a look at photos and moments that Slocally captured at the Magical kingdom of king Matjaž.

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