The Border Line Experience

Western part of Slovenia, which nowadays boarders on Italy, was through the centuries a borderline between different rulers, cultures, countries. That makes this region so unique and special. Get acquainted with a history and everyday’s life behind a boarder between 1945-2004. Step on the circle in the center of the Transalpina square, with one foot in Italy and the other one in Slovenia. Walk through the vegetable fields, once garden of Gorizia, to the military watchtower, nowadays presenting the smallest museum in Slovenia. Not far away from this place lies the divided cemetery, probably one of this kind in the world, which used to be the easiest illegal boarder crossing point for many people seeking better life on the other side.


  • 3 cultural stops in the area of Nova Gorica,
  •  unique borderline landscape,
  • going local and out of the box,
  • endless local tips from a local growing up in Soca valley,
  • led by a local English speaking guide.

Perfect for … everyone who want to experience the history of the last wall dividing East and West.

Time: all year around by prior appointment.
Duration: 4-5 hours.
Starting/ending point: let us know where are you staying.
Min./Max. participants: 1-4.
Local guide: Vesna.
Price: 110 EUR/person (min. 2 people).
The price includes local guiding, 3 cultural stops. Gratuities and tips are highly appreciated. For now, cash only. Prices are slightly higher if there is only 1 person on the tour.

*The tour is prepared in cooperation with GourmeTravel, Trebinjska ulica 7, 1000 Ljubljana. Terms and conditions.

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