Herbal Walk

I have just returned from a pharmacy, but not from the grey building in the middle of the city. I came back from the healing meadows full of herbs. In my family the tradition of foraging, herbs harvesting and using medicinal herbs has strong roots. Visit Herbal Rooms Homestay from spring to late autumn. My mother, father and me, experienced herb-pickers, will take you to the healing pastures and show you how to identify and collect wild-gathered herbs (rose-hips, wild thyme, yarrow, etc.). Fill the basket with fresh picked aromatic plants and gently spread them on the wooden nets. Take a tea blend from the medicinal plants of your choice from the jars full of hand-selected herbs, unsurpassed in taste, aroma and color. Look, feel, smell and, with a cup of tea, also taste our flourishing pastures in pure and unspoiled nature in Soca valley.


  • walking on the aromatic and colorful meadows,
  • get local tips from a local English speaking guide.

Perfect for … all nature lovers who wants to enter into the world of healing plants.

* Hiking clothes and shoes are recommended, as well as the insect repellent.

Time: every day from February to November by prior appointment.
Duration: 2 hours.
Starting/Ending point: let us know where are you staying.
Min./max. participants: 1-4.
Local guide: Vesna.
Price: 65 EUR/person.
The price includes the organization and running of the herbal walk, medicinal plants harvesting, 20g of tea blend. Gratuities and tips are highly appreciated. For now, cash only.

*The tour is prepared in cooperation with GourmeTravel, Trebinjska ulica 7, 1000 Ljubljana. Terms and conditions.


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