Ljubljana for families with babies

Ljubljana for families with babies

Is Ljubljana suitable for families with babies? Yes, it is. Ljubljana has been my home town for the past 10 years. I love living here because its city center is easily reached by foot. At the end of September we became parents of little Lucija. Our life changed a bit (not dramatically!) and we got used to everyday’s activities pretty fast. We used to walk a lot and being in the nature so we decided to do the same after Lucija joined us. As soon as I felt a bit stronger after giving birth, we started spending early afternoons on the fresh air. We are lucky due to the fact that Lucija is able to sleep up to 2 hours in a stroller. Here I prepared my favorite 10 places in Ljubljana for families with babies.

10 places in Ljubljana you should visit with your baby

1. Park Tivoli

Park Tivoli, green lungs of Ljubljana and Ljubljana’s largest park, offers endless walking opportunities for cruising around with a stroller. It stretches right into the city center. Enjoy the green landscape, colorful flower beds, open air exhibitions of large-format photographs at scenic Jakopič Promenade, interesting trees and numerous statues and fountains. And even if your baby starts crying, there is a nice bar Čolnarna where you can have a stop and feed your baby.

2. Along Ljubljanica river to Špica

After fifteen minutes’ walk along Ljubljanica river, one of Ljubljana’s most notable landmarks, from the historical city center of Ljubljana, passing by numerous bridges, you will reach renovated Ljubljanica river embankment called Špica which in the past used to be a town’s beach. Špica attracts numerous locals and tourists due to its green surroundings and laid-back atmosphere. And again. If your little baby is on the way to become hungry, do not rush. Take a rest at Špica café. where you can observe many stand up paddlers. SUP is one of the best things to do in Ljubljana.

3. Botanical garden

Ljubljana Botanical garden lies less than a kilometer away from Špica park. Its peaceful environment awaits you to spend some quality time among  more than 4,500 different species and subspecies. Stop at Čajnica Primula and taste their cakes.

4. Ljubljana castle


There are numerous paths to reach Ljubljana castle in case the funicular is not the option for you. My advice is: do not take the shortest one… because it’s the steepest.

5. Central market

Colorful seasonal fruits and vegetables attract all of your senses.

6. Metelkova alternative place

Stroll around Ljubljana alternative place full of graffiti. During the day the place is quite but when the sun goes down, the party starts.

7. Trubarjeva street

Trubarjeva street is for sure the best place for your Ljubljana food experience. Unlimited food options in case you get hungry fast after pushing the stroller for an hour and a half.

8. Nebotičnik bar

No. 1 reason to reach the top of once the tallest building in middle Europe – magnificent viewpoint. No stroller pushing needed – the elevator will do the toughest job for you.

9. Koseški bajer pond

Koseški bajer pond, situated on the edge of Ljubljana, is a small artificial lake in a former clay pit where locals flock to in the sunny afternoons and weekends. It is an easy 45 minutes walk from the city center. There is always an option to put a stroller on the bus number 5 towards Podutik. Check timetable here.

10. Trnovo bridge

Visit one of Jože Plečnik masterpieces in Ljubljana. Trnovo bridge, 10 minutes away from the center, divides 2 revival suburbs: Krakovo and Trnovo. On 12th March Slovenian Valentine’s day is taking place at Gradaščica river.

If you just become a parent and if you still have a desire for traveling, then Ljubljana which was awarded European Green Capital 2016, is a perfect weekend getaway city destination for you and your little baby. Traveling with a baby rocks!

Don’t know where to sleep? Search no more! There are various accommodation options in Ljubljana. Have a look here.

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  1. Thank you so much for this post!!
    My husband and I have just had a baby and want to visit Ljubljana during Easter. After reading this we know exactly the go-to places and most importantly that we were quite clever 😉 to choose Ljubljana as our destination.

  2. Dear Eva. I am happy you choose Ljubljana for your family trip with a baby during Easter. Welcome anytime to experience Soca valley with your little baby and stay at Herbal Rooms Homestay. Vesna

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