Lavender harvesting

Lavender harvesting

lavender harvesting

I took part in lavender harvesting. It was an amazing and unforgettable experience! Although Slovenia is not a typical country where lavender is growing on the large areas, there are still find some individuals who have started growing lavender on their fields. The best time to see lavender plantation is when lavender blossoms (late June, early July). A lovely couple Urška and Sebastijan from Vipava valley greeted me at the entrance of their lavender plantation. They thought me how to use a sickle without cutting off my fingers. I took a sickle and slowly I got used to it. It was very hot so we harvested lavender for 1 hour and then we took a 20 minutes break. In the meantime ladies were making natural soaps, bundles, garlands bouquets while men were refilling distiller with lavender. Lavender was all around us – 1500 small lavender bushes. The smell of lavender was following me back home. Lavender is one of the most used healing herbs with more than a thousands years of tradition. Take part in lavender harvesting!


– visiting lavender fields during harvesting time,
– hand harvest lavender using a sicle,
– learning how to make my own natural cosmetic products.

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  1. Hi! I will be visiting Vipava June 2nd and would love to visit this Lavender farm could you give me the address! Tks.

  2. Hello, it is a farm close to Ajdovščina Vila Lavanda.

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