Koroska farmstays experience

Koroska farmstays experience

The Koroska region is located in the northern part of Slovenia. It is one of the most hilly regions of Slovenia. The region is characterised by three river valleys – Mežica, Drava and Mislinja – and three mountains – Pohorje, Karavanke and Savinja Alps. If you visit the Koroska region, do not hesitate to stay in a farmstay and taste the culinary delicacies of Koroska.

Ravnjak eco farmstay

Ravnjak eco farmstay, surrounded by forests, meadows and fruit trees, is located under the mountain Urslja gora 760 meters above sea level. We were welcomed by Breda and Roman, who offered us refreshing spring water and a homemade pear and plum schnapps. They told us their story and gave us a tour of their farm. The sounds of sheep, birds and wind were accompanied by a few raindrops as we admired the dancing trees and the 100+ year old pear grove. The Ravnjak eco farm specializes in lamb dishes (of course, they also offer typical Koroska delicacies) and has 4 apartments, a sauna and various massages (even in the forest!). At their farmstay we were invited to taste typical Koroska breakfast consisting of dairy products (yogurt, butter, young cheese with herbs and spices, sour milk (that goes well together with buckwheat and pork cracklings on top), cheese, cottage cheese with onions and pumpkin seed oil), pâté, salami, dried and fresh fruits, nuts, fresh vegetables, muesli, jams, potica, doughnuts, apple juice, coffee and herbal tea. After we tantalized our taste buds, we hopped on lojtrnik hay cart that took us along an unpaved road to the road junction, from where we walked another 15 minutes to the Cuc Neza waterfall.

Koros bike hotel

Hotel Koros is the first mountain bike hotel in Slovenia and is located in the Jamnica single trail park. Here everything revolves around mountain bikes J. The hotel boasts vistas on the surrounding mountains, forests and meadows. The enthusiastic owners gave us a tour around their biking paradise (I was impressed by the bike garage, which is housed in the former pigsty and is under 24-hour video surveillance), which ended with  mouthwatering bites (cottage cheese, salami and fresh vegetables on rye bread). MTB enthusiasts from all over the world come to Jamnica because the Koroska region is an exceptional destination for cyclists, offering different types of trails. What is more, we could rent their bikes (e-bikes as well!) and hit the road towards the Ploder farmstay.

Mikl eco farmstay

Mikl eco farmstay is a farm developed in a celk that consists of a residential house, a barn, a granary and a beehouse surrounded by forest, meadows and orchards. The owners offer organic food, nicely furnished rooms, apartments and a stylish house for rent (covered with wooden šitlni and surrounded by a typical wooden fence where no iron nails are used), a neat RV park in the orchard and a small natural swimming pool. The Mikl family served us lunch and we were more than happy to taste typical Koroska delicacies: rpiceva zupa (potato soup) with pork cracklings, kipjeni knedli (boiled dumplings) with veal steak and vegetable sauce, served with boiled pear with cranberry jam. Apple must (a traditional beverage acquired from alcoholic fermentation of the juice of old apple varieties), apple juice, blueberry and cottage cheese strudel were the perfect end of an afternoon. We even had the opportunity to participate in forest bath therapy, a new way of mindful traveling.  

Ploder farmstay

After a 5 km bike ride from the Koros hotel, admiring Peca mountain and learning about the sustainability of local producers, we finally reached the Ploder farmstay. For the first time I rented an e-bike and I must admit that I really like the experience. We were greeted by the owners, who offered us homemade schnapps and invited us to put our bags down and rest a bit before dinner. “Today we have a wedding menu, which we usually serve at weddings”. We started with the typical Koroska dish mežerle (entrails mixed with bread, eggs, pork fat, onions, spices), potato salad and a piece of rye bread. Then we continued with delicious beef and mushroom soup, followed by a main course (mashed potatoes, horseradish sauce, veal) and a big bowl of fresh salad. We finished dinner with kvočevi nudlni, baked apple and a glass of must. The self-serve breakfast was breakfast for the kings. So delicious and so fresh. Marina is a master of making kvocevi nudlni so she was more than happy to share her recipes and little secrets with us while her son showed us around the farm. 

Klancnik farm

At the Klancnik farm, we were given a great presentation about their work in their cellar, which is more than 160 years old, where we tasted their salami, pâté and apple cider as well. Afterwards, we were taken on a tour by a train through the habitat of about 100 damjaks and mouflons to the biological classroom, where we learned about the diversity of animal species in Slovenia. Don’t be surprised, but over 100 different species of animals are stuffed. On the way back to the farm we even had a chance to spot a group of 10 damjaks moving freely around the forest estate.

Lesnik farmstay

The Lesnik farmstay, which strives to preserve traditions (even with old rural board games made of wood), is an organic tourist farm suitable for families with children and people with disabilities. It features a rich natural and cultural heritage: protected linden tree and holly tree, toplar hayrack covered with šiklni wooden roof tiles, a chapel, two wells, a granary, a beehouse, a press and a mill. Lesnik organic farm specializes in local dishes and offers rooms, apartments, sleeping on a hayrack, camper place, a sauna, wooden board games and apitherapy. We were welcomed by Irma and Albert, who offered us fruit juices, must, schnapps and cold cuts (fresh rye bread with pork fat and brawn). Everything was so delicious, seasonal and fresh. Well, then we continued with a proper Koroska lunch: beef soup with huge semolina dumplings and mushroom soup, roast pork, steaks with leek and cheese, stuffed veal, mushroom and meat mežerli, buckwheat porridge with dried mushrooms, cottage cheese dumplings, horseradish sauce, kvočevi nudlni, seasonal salad, cabbage salad with honey and walnuts. We ended our lunch with homemade apple strudl and coffee with froth milk.

Coming to Koroska means staying on a farm and tasting its culinary delights. I am sure you will not regret it!

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