Klinec Medana Inn Food Experience

Klinec Medana Inn Food Experience

Brda region offers many good restaurants and inns. Klinec Inn in Medana village is a must while visiting Goriška Brda if you are into tasting great food and excellent wine.

Klinec Inn belongs to one of the best known wine families that are producing natural wines (orange/amber/macerated wines). After a short drive from Dobrovo on a zig-zag road you arrive to Medana village. Park your car at the parking place close to the church and follow the sign for Klinec Inn. The significant sign “No pizza, no cocacola, no pommes frittes.” tells you what you can expect at this family run restaurant.

The owners, Aleks and Simona, are cultivating 6 ha of the vineyards following biodynamic methods. Besides that, on their farm they are growing krškopolje pig, goats, sheep, ducks, geese, capons and cocks.

I was treated by mouth-watering 5 course menu and excellent organic wines. Simona offered me a sit at the table close to the fireplace.

“The whole process of natural wines is time consuming and everything starts already in the vineyards.” told me Simona while sipping Malvazija 2015 into my glass. Well, the finishing result of natural wines is stunning. I am not a wine expert but while slowly sipping natural wine I could taste its rich flavor, texture and color. The first dish that arrived was perfectly paired with the wine. Yummy prosciutto, salami and pancetta was melting in my mouth and I felt cozy sitting close to the fireplace. I left home-baked bread on a side and indulged my taste buds with perfectly prepared dry meat products.

I payed attention to the wine labels. The wine label design shows a classification of wine regions dating from Maria Theresa on which Medana village was rated 1st class. So are all Klinec wines. Everything at Klinec Inn is prepared with fresh homegrown or local ingredients.

Tokaj 2015 and ricotta with bourbon roses and elder flowers was a blast for my taste buds. I need to admit that even though we are growing and drying rose flowers at Herbal Rooms Homestay, I have never tasted roses so gently. “You have the best place in the whole inn.” a guest from Germany told me while taking a photo of the fireplace. I was really lucky to get this place for Sunday’s lunch though because I planned and reserved it in advance. This is the secret :). I stretched my legs a bit and walked around the inn where all of the tables were occupied. Neat interior with old plates and nicely pictures truly surprised me.

The chef at Klinec Inn is Aleks who prepares seasonal dishes following his grandmother’s recipies. Besides that, he is the wine conductor of macerated wines. His wines are alive, full of energy. Their yearly wine capacity is about 18.000 bottles and I was amazed hearing that they export to 19 different countries worldwide. Do not hesitate to take a glass of Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Friulano, Malvazija, Merlot, Pinot Gris, Ribolla Gialla, Tokaj, Verduzzo. Klinec Inn is a paradise for wine lovers and food aficinados who appreciate natural wines and local cuisine.

I still had some spare place in my stomach for barley with young green beans, asparagus (for all asparagus fans – May is the month for asparagus in Slovenia!) and krotegin sausage which besides pork meat, pork fat also contains minced pig skin. A glass of Gardelin wine (Sivi Pinot/Pinot Grigio 2013) was a perfect match.

I stepped on the terrace for a while. Unfortunately it was raining dogs and cats while I visited Klinec Inn, but I could still admire rolling hills with terraced vineyards, hilltop picturesque villages dotted with white churches. But on a sunny day you can even spot Venice in the distance if you are lucky enough.

The lamb on the fireplace was ready for serving and while I was listening to jazz music, homemade gnocchi with lamb meat arrived. So as a glass of Rebula 2015 😉

I ended my visit at Klinec Inn with a lamb meat prepared on a fireplace, baked potatoes and vegetable sauce and with a glass of Mora, a blend between Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Family-run Klinec Inn is definitly a gourmet destination for foodies and wine lovers to visit while in Brda region.