Juliana trail from Tolmin to Kobarid stage 12

Juliana trail from Tolmin to Kobarid stage 12

Juliana trail from Tolmin to Kobarid stage 12

Juliana trail from Tolmin to Kobarid offers pure countryside scenery with green pastures, colorful spring meadows, dry stone wall and WW1 remainings.

After attending an interview for Radio International at the Tourist Information Center in Tolmin (I was talking about Herbal Rooms Homestay and my guiding in Soca valley) me and my mum Karmen started walking from the center of Tolmin towards the outskirts of Tolmin. The path is very well-marked with yellow and orange signs so there is a little chance of getting lost.

The sun was shining and there was less shade. We were following the Soca river, passing by quite packed camping site and observing a beekeeper working with bees. It was time when linden flowers were in a full bloom so bees were busy collecting linden nectar. If you want to deepen your knowledge about the bees and honey products, let’s visit a beekeeper together. Join my Bee Happy Experience.

What a peaceful walk. It’s been a long time since my mom and took a walk together. We both enjoyed each other’s company and we both agreed how lucky we are for living in such a beautiful region. The highlight of that walk was definitely Kamno dry stone wall. It is very well maintained and while walking there, I was thinking about my childhood. By noon we managed to reach Kobarid.

Kobarid area offers great sightseeing so do not miss visitingKobarid Historical Trail with Napoleon bridge, Kobarid WW1 museum and Kozjak waterfall, one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Slovenia. If you want to indulge your taste buds in local’s cheeses, let’s visit a cheese maker together. Join my Say Cheese Experience.

Starting point:.Tolmin center
Ending point:Kobarid center.
Duration: 4 hours.
Length: 17 kilometers.
Difficulty: easy
Public transportation: check buses at Nomago website.


  • pure countryside scenery green pastures and colorful spring meadows,
  • cute towns and villages (Tolmin, Volarje, Kamno, Smast, Ladra, Kobarid),
  • Kamno dry stone wall.

Places to sleep in Kobarid

There are excellent accommodation facilities for all tastes. Check the following accommodations: hotel Hvala, apartment Masera, hotel kamp Koren, apartments Pri nas, hostel Kobarid.

Places to eat in Kobarid

There are excellent eating options for all tastes. Check the following gostilnas/restaurants/fast food bars: gostilna Kotlar, restaurant Topli val, pizzeria Fedrig, kamp Lazar.

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