Juliana trail from Mojstrana to Jesenice stage 2

Juliana trail from Mojstrana to Jesenice stage 2

Juliana trail from Mojstrana to Jesenice stage 2

We got off the bus at the bus stop Mojstrana-Dovje so we started Juliana Trail in Mojstrana close to the monument dedicated to Jakob Aljaž, close to gostilna Aljažev hram. Again we caught the perfect sunny weather.

Walking through Dovje village was like walking through the history: nicely renovated chapels, bee house in the center of the village, wooden front doors. In front of the houses we could admire old tools for farming. Some houses were nicely decorated with paintings.

At the end of the village, there were no proper signs so we followed the sign towards Kamne. We were lucky to meet some locals and asked them for helpful directions to Jesenice. “Just go straight.” they answered. Breathtaking scenery of Triglav mountain was following us to the viewpoint where we took a break and admired the valley in front of us (Mojstrana and Dovje village).

The macadam road lead us higher and higher. I had a feeling of an endless road. After every turn, there was again long macadam road to the next turn. 🙂 We passed by cottages, pastures with daffodils. Yeay! We could feel serenity, listening to the bees buzzing and admiring colorful butterflies. Endless meadow sage made a meadow a violet carpet.

In May wild thyme, anthyllis, yarrow, chicory, meadow sage and elder flower are growing. If you want to learn more about wild edibles and medicinal plants, join my herbal walk. After reaching Plavški rovt, the path lead us through the forest before reaching Planina pod Golico. Keep in mind that you are walking through the local’s yards so dogs and other pets can freely be walking around.

I need to admit that the path was quite exhausting due to the length (21 kilometres) so a short break was a must. I just laid down in the bed of colorful meadow flowers.

Juliana trail from Mojstrana to Jesenice stage 2

In Plavški rovt the Juliana Trail at this point overpasses Stara rudna pot where we could learn new things about mining in Jesenice. The path goes through the forest and it is quite steep.

Once we arrived to the viewpoint above Jesenice, we lost the yellow signs so we were not able to visit old part of Jesenice called Murova, Kos manor and Čufar square in Jesenice. Next time then 🙂

Starting point: Slovenian Alpine Museum.
Ending point: Jesenice.
Duration: 6 hours.
Length: 21 kilometres.
Difficulty: easy to moderate.
Public transportation: check Arriva buses or trains.


  • breathtaking scenery of Triglav mountain,
  • cute towns and villages (Mojstrana, Dovje, Plavški rovt, Jesenice),
  • colorful meadows with daffodils.

Places to sleep in Jesenice

There are excellent accommodation facilities for all tastes. Check Apartma Fon, Apartma pod skalco, Apartma Rant, Apartma Štefan, Apartmaji Mak, prenočišče Zlata ribica, rezidenca Ervin, soba Malina, studio Jesenice, studio Ta5ek, Villa Hillside Apartment.

Places to eat in Jesenice

There are excellent eating options for all tastes. Check the gostilnas/restaurants/fast food bars restaurant Ejga, gostilnica Chilli, pizzeria and grill Rondo.

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