Juliana Trail from Log pod Mangrtom to Kobarid stage 13 and 14

Juliana Trail from Log pod Mangrtom to Kobarid stage 13 and 14

Juliana Trail from Log pod Mangrtom to Bovec is 33 kilometres long path that covers stages 13 and 14. You can easily do it in one day (it takes between 10 and 11 hours to complete it so starting no later than 7am is a must!).

We woke up at 5:30am and drove from Herbal Rooms Homestay to Log pod Mangrtom. It took us 1 hour and 15 minutes to reach Log pod Mangrtom. We started walking at 7:30am in front of Štoln mine. Check the timetable for traveling around Soca valley here.

The village was still sleeping but we managed to meet a hunter and an old village lady who was taking care of her garden in the early morning. Gardening is an important and popular activity in Slovenia.

Well-marked path is leading along Koritnica river, through the green lush forest and blooming meadows. We passed by ruined houses before we reached Nemčlja Gorge. Wow, what a natural hidden beauty in Triglav National Park overlooked by many tourists. We had it only for ourselves.

Juliana Trail at this point overpasses Walk of Peace Trail so walking through 100 metres long illuminated tunnel was a nice surprise. Through the porthole we could spot majestic Kluže fortress that lies above Koritnica Gorge. And lots of wild strawberries!

High Kanin mountain range (there is still more than 3 metres of snow cover in May!) overlooking Bovec basin welcomed us when we slowly reached Bovec town. Neat vegetable gardens and flourishing orchards with cherries, sour cherries, plums, pears, raspberries, red currants and even grapes, cheerful locals, Slovenian polka music on a Saturday morning and a 1,2 EUR for a nice cup of cappuccino in the center of Bovec. What more can you ask for!

We continued our way to Čezsoča, a town which was surprisingly quite. We spotted a few kayakers on Soca river. Eventually it was time for a snack (the restaurants were closed at that time) made out of local products (Tolmin cheese, salami, sourdough bread, pickles). We needed to say goodbye to a lovely place close to the river.

Juliana Trail at this point overpasses Alpe Adria Trail. We passed by Narnia paradise, took a photo of Boka waterfall in the distance and walked through Log Čezsoški village (this picturesque village has a pure local vibe and I liked it a lot!). Close to the village you can find crystal-clear spring water. It is well marked and you cannot miss it!

The sun was shining and it was very hot. The fact that 4 snakes (2 of them were poisonous!) crossed our path on the way came as no surprise to us.

One of the best things on Juliana Trail is definitely crossing Soca river by walking on suspended wooden bridges.

Going up and down, walking 53 steps, on the rolling stones before reaching Kobarid, our final point.

Refreshing Soca river close to Kobarid wooden bridge was inviting us to cool down. We could not resist jumping in and coming out very fast because the water temperature was around 10-12 degress. Bzzzzz!

Starting point: entrance to Štoln mine.
Ending point: TIC Kobarid.
Duration: 11 hours.
Length: 33 kilometres.
Difficulty: easy to moderate.
Public transport: check bus conections at Nomago.


  • breathtaking scenery of Julian Alps in Triglav National Park,
  • picturesque villages and towns (Log pod Mangrtom, Bovec, Čezsoča, Log Čezsoški, Kobarid),
  • bridges over emerald green Soca river,
  • hidden paths in the rural area,
  • local cuisine (Bovec krafi, Bovec sheep cheese, Kobarid dumplings),
  • local arhitecture (Bovec house),
  • drinking the crystal-clear spring water,
  • WW1 remainings.

Places to sleep in Bovec

There are excellent accommodation facilities for all tastes. Check Dobra Vila, hostel Soča Rocks, hostel Bovec, Bovec apartment.

Places to eat in Bovec

There are excellent eating options for all tastes. Check the gostišče Sovdat, gostišče Martinov hram, gostilna in picerija Letni vrt.

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