Juliana Trail from Kranjska Gora to Mojstrana stage 1

Juliana Trail from Kranjska Gora to Mojstrana stage 1

Juliana trail from Kranjska Gora to Mojstrana stage 1

Juliana Trail in Kranjska Gora starts close to the bust station. We arrived to Kranjska Gora by bus so it was easy to start the hike. We followed the sign Srednji vrh-Mojstrana. The morning was perfect. It was sunny and not crowded at all. The ski-slops turned green while the mountains were still covered with snow.

When we arrived to the playground, we couldn’t continue due to the fence. Thanks to our modern technology, we called the tourist information center and Natasa provided the information how to overcome the obstacle. “Follow the sign for Srednji vrh, number 2. You will arrive to Srednji vrh but it will last a bit longer.” she added.

Juliana trail from Kranjska Gora to Mojstrana stage 1
Playground where we couldn’t continue due to the fence.

And we continued walking, passing by pastures where the cows were grazing. I felt like acting in the Alpine fairytale surrounded by the Julian Alps and colorful meadows. In May wild thyme, anthyllis, yarrow and chicory are growing. If you want to learn more about wild edibles and medicinal plants, join my herbal walk. The path lead through the forest (it was quite steep and exhausting) before we reached Srednji vrh. Birds were singing, bees were buzzing, cows were grazing the grass. Life in the countryside goes on slowly and more peacefully. Pr’Hlebanju you can taste cheese and other dairy products. Very friendly locals.

The path passed by Gozd Martuljek, one of the winter and summer holiday getaways for Slovenians. We spent some time taking photos of colorful beehives and bee boxes. It was second time that we got lost here because there were (again) no signs for Juliana Trail (neither yellow signs on the poles or orange signs on the trees, stones) so we followed our intuition and walked along bike trail towards Mojstrana. Keep in mind that there are lots of cyclists and the path can get busy in the summer time and during the sunny weekends. Wow, the meadows were so colorful!

You should experience it for yourself because the photo simply cannot provide the full frame picture of it.

Along the path you can admire one of the best-preserved bridges on the former railway line between Ljubljana and Trbiž/Tarvisio. The aroma of lily of the valley (šmarnice, solzice) accompanied us through the forest before we reached small and tidy houses with neat vegetable gardens in Mojstrana.

Starting point: TIC Kranjska Gora.
Ending point: Slovenian Alpine Museum.
Duration: 5 hours.
Length: 18 kilometres.
Difficulty: easy to moderate.
Public transportation: check Arriva bus.


  • breathtaking scenery of the mountains above Gozd Martuljek,
  • picturesque towns (Kranjska Gora, Srednji vrh, Gozd Martuljek, Mojstrana),
  • well-preserved iron bridge,
  • colorful meadows.

Places to sleep in Mojstrana

There are excellent accommodation facilities for all tastes. Check hostel Lukna, sobe Katja, apartma Metka, apartma Tomsic, apartma Lucijana.

Places to eat in Mojstrana

There are excellent eating options for all tastes. Check the gostilnas/restaurants/fast food bars gostilna Veranda, pizzeria Spajza.

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