Juliana Trail from Grahovo ob Bači to Tolmin stages 10 and 11

Juliana Trail from Grahovo ob Bači to Tolmin stages 10 and 11

Juliana trail from Grahovo ob Bači to Tolmin stages 10 and 11

We woke up at 5:30am, had a breakfast prepared with local products (Tolmin cheese, salami, sourdough bread, herbal tea) and drove from Herbal Rooms Homestay to Grahovo ob Bači. On the zig-zag road it took us almost 1 hour to reach Grahovo ob Bači. We started walking at 7:30am in front of Gostilna Brišar. The village was slowly waking up.

Juliana trail from Grahovo ob Bači to Tolmin stages 10 and 11

The path is very well-marked with yellow and orange signs so there is a little chance of getting lost.

On our own land the first Slovenian sound feature film was shot. Many scenes were filmed in the Bača valley in 1948. The locals are proud of the film and preserve the memory of it in the name of their annual meeting On our own land – Today.

Juliana trail from Grahovo ob Bači to Tolmin stages 10 and 11

The first obstacle appeared when we reached the fence. There were 2 huge cows staring at us. One was standing on the path, while the other was observing us from the meadow above. They didn’t move. Huh, I was afraid to overpass the cow on the path but I managed somehow. The path was steep running through the green meadow and passing by once cow’s stone house. Newly built wooden bridge with wooden chairs for taking a break before walking on through the forest to Ravenca mountain farm where a local family is still cultivating the land high in the mountains. Before we reached next village Temljine we were walking through the forest, listening to the bird singing and passing by mud swimming pools of wild boars. We even spotted roe deer in the distance.  

We felt way better when we reached the meadows of Temljine village. We picked some cherries from the cherry trees. Wow, what a peaceful village vibe and neat gardens. Even the cows were chillaxing early in the morning :). The aroma of forest strawberries and elder flowers were following us through steep mountain pastures where the locals are still mowing the grass with a scythe. Friendly donkeys were more than happy to see us.

You will not believe it but due to heavy rain in the previous days, we found forest mushroom umbrella. Perfect catch for our evening meal. Locals in Kneža were already awake and an old very talkative village lady admired our walking skills. “When I was young, I walked a lot. Keep on walking. I am old and I cannot do much walking these days.” she added while waving to our direction.

In Podmelec village you can admire graffiti dating back in 1947. If you want to learn more about setting the border between Italy and Yugoslavia check my Boarder Line Experience.

Just some kilometres towards Hum settlement you can refill your bottle with drinking water from almost 100-year-old fountain. In Hum you can admire well-preserved Bizjak granary dating back in 1723. It is one of the oldest granaries in Tolmin area.

We almost run through the forest to Senica viewpoint. It is an easy 40 minutes’ walk from Ljubinj. What a view! The emerald Soca river was in front of us while the dramatic white and grey clouds played an important composition for perfect Instagram photos.

Steep path through the forest lead us to Most na Soči, a charming town perfect for Stand Up Paddling on Soca river. We were walking along Soca river and passing by neat Modrej beach where you can enjoy hot summer days. Keep in mind that for approximately 200 meters you will be walking on the main road before the path turns left towards Soca river. Sotočje, confluence of Tolminka and Soca river, is a popular spot for music festivals during the summer time and a great chillaxing point for the locals after the end of peak season.

Tolmin area offers great sightseeing so do not miss visiting Tolmin Gorge and Javorca Memorial Church of the Holy Spirit. If you want to indulge your taste buds in local’s cheeses, let’s visit a cheese maker together. Join my Say Cheese Experience.

Starting point: Gostilna Brišar.
Ending point: Tolmin center.
Duration: 6,5 hours.
Length: 21 kilometres.
Difficulty: easy to moderate.
Public transportation: check trains.


  • pure countryside scenery with rolling hills, green pastures and colorful spring meadows,
  • cute towns and villages (Grahovo ob Bači, Temljine, Kneža, Podmelec, Most na Soči, Tolmin),
  • viewpoint Senica above Most na Soči.

Places to sleep in Tolmin

There are excellent accommodation facilities for all tastes. Check penzion Rutar, hostel Paradiso, apartments Orhideja, apartment Soca Tolmin.

Places to eat in Tolmin

There are excellent eating options for all tastes. Check the gostilnas/restaurants/fast food bars gostilna Pri noni, gostilna in picerija Pri Martini, picerija Soca 202.

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