Julian Alps hiking trail

Julian Alps hiking trail

Julian Alps hiking trail is 300 kilometers long trail in Slovenia divided in various stages suitable for walkers of average fitness level. It combines Gorenjska and Primorska region. Hikers walk through idyllic villages and alpine valleys, passing panoramic viewpoints, natural gems like waterfalls, rivers, gorges, island and lakes so as forests and colorful meadows, encounter a rich and divers landscape along the way, admire mighty peaks of Julian Alps, learn about local handcrafts and rich cultural heritage, taste local cuisine and mingle with locals. Let’s walk together from Tolmin to Bovec.

Did you know that hiking is the most popular outdoor activity (besides gardening!) for Slovenians?!

Julian Alps hiking trails through which you will admire Mt Triglav from all sides is definitely a trail through landscape diversity which offers pure tranquility and pristine nature in the Julian Alps. Put on your hiking shoes and explore magical beauty of the Julian Alps hiking trail to its best. I am sure the beauty of Julian Alps will take your breath away.

Safety information

The trail is long but on each stage there is enough water and food supplies. Almost everywhere is telephone signal. Parts of the trail are secured also with a wire rope.


Recommended good hiking shoes and clothes, with hiking poles, drinks and food in backpack.

Juliana Trail runs through the valleys and over mountain passes and is generally not technically demanding. The trail is possible to walk from March to November.

6 responses to “Julian Alps hiking trail

  1. Do you know when the maps will be published and the trail opened?

  2. Hey, the trail is already opened as far as I know. The maps will be published soon. Vesna

  3. Anyone know if the trail is 100% open yet?? I’ll be travelling to Slovenia this week. Would love to try and walk some of it.

  4. Is there somewhere a list of the dayly stages as the tour is designed for 16 days?

  5. i cant find a map and a detailes list of the daily stages!!!

  6. Hello, the map is not ready yet.

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