Wild asparagus grows in the spring!

Wild asparagus grows in the spring!

Wild asparagus time is here!

wild asparagus

In April we start collecting wild asparagus has been used as a vegetable and in medicine. It has cleansing and healing effects. In ancient times it was widely known in Syria and Spain. Greeks and Romans ate this spring vegetable or „wild gold“ fresh when in season and dried for use in winter. Only the young shoots are commonly eaten: once the buds start to open (“ferning out”), the shoots quickly turn woody. It is often called “edible ivory”. Freshness is highly regarded and you can find them on the menu from begining of March to mid May. There are plenty dishes that contain wild greens. Taste egg omelette frtalja with wild asparagus, delicious soup, asparagus with roasted potatoes. Yummy! Mmm. TASTY!

Written by Vesna on 2nd April 2015.

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