It’s carnival time!

It’s carnival time!

It is getting crazy in Slovenia during the carnival time. This is the beginning of a new cycle of nature and farming. There are two carnival days: Carnival Sunday and Shrove Tuesday. Every Slovenian region has its own masks. Slovenia is told to be one of the richest countries in masks (kurenti from Ptuj, laufarji from Cerkno, drežniški pusti, liški pusti, pozvačin from Prekmurje, šelme from Kostanjevica, škoromati from Brkini, mačkare from Dobrepolje, etc.). It is said that in the time of the carnival »the world is turned upside down«. A world pust or carnival is likely to emerge from the world “mesopust”, which means to fast or to abandon meat. With my family I visited a carnival in Cerknica. In the time of the Carnival the authority in town is overtaken by funny butalci in coalition with witches, who fly in from a nearby mountain, Slivnica, especially for this occasion, and other masks. Every year besides the guest groups who take part in the procession there are also traditional groups of dormice, frogs, bars, evils and witches, and of course a giant witch ancestress Uršula and lake monster Jezerko.The carnival time is a time of abundance of food and drinks (doughnuts, home-made sausages, dried ribs, home-made brandy). After the festive season follows 40 days of fast. Join me at the carnival and become part of the carnival madness!

Have a look at photos and moments that Slocally captured at the carnival time.

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