Soca valley- how to get to the heart of Soca valley?

Soca valley- how to get to the heart of Soca valley?

Soca valley, a scenic alpine valley, lies on the north-western corner of Slovenia. With its turquoise Soca river, crystal clear natural pools and mighty waterfalls Soca valley is a truly Slovenian natural gem. If you are a photo enthusiast, festival freak, an outdoor lover, WW1 history connoisseur or foodie, then this is a place to discover.

And I tell you. You shouldn’t miss Soca valley should when in Slovenia.

Public transport in Soca valley exists but it is infrequent! In Upper Soca valley there are 3 major towns (Bovec, Kobarid, Tolmin) and some smaller ones in Lower Soca valley (Most na Soči, Kanal).

How to get to the heart of Soca valley?

Soca valley by bus

From/To Nova Gorica
Nova Gorica is quite well connected travel hub for all of you who are traveling from Italy (Venice/Mestre, Trieste) to Slovenia. If you are traveling to Soca valley by bus, then you should check Avrigo bus timetable. Unfortunately it is available only in Slovene and Italian language. Check it out here. Daily buses departs towards Tolmin, Kobarid and Bovec and they are passing by Plave. Get off and spend a night in unique herbal accommodation in Soca valley. You are always welcome in Herbal Rooms.

From/To Ljubljana
If you want to spend a day or two in Soca valley away from the hustle and bustle in Ljubljana, check up-to-date timetable here. There are daily buses to Tolmin, Kobarid, Bovec via Idrija. Have a stop in Idrija and stretch your legs a bit while walking around Idrija UNESCO heritage site and indulge your taste buds in local specialty idrijski zlikrofi/Idrija dumplings.

From/To Kranjska Gora
In the summer months between June and September there are buses that take you from Kranjska Gora through the highest Slovenian pass to Bovec. Check the timetable for 2016 here. There are 50 curves on both sides but the route is worth making it.

From/To Koper

To get from Koper to Nova Gorica, check up-to-date timetable here. From Nova Gorica to Tolmin, Kobarid, Bovec there are daily buses. If you miss one, you can always spend a night in Herbal Rooms Homestay before continuing to Upper Soca valley.

Soca valley by train

From/To Bled or Bohinj
Many travelers would agree that this is one of the most scenic and picturesque routes in Slovenia. When you arrive to Most na Soči, you should get off the train and walk about 2 kilometers to reach Most na Soči if going towards Upper Soca valley (Tolmin, Kobarid, Bovec). But if you want to experience Lower Soca valley where Herbal Rooms are or Goriska brda wine region, then you should remain on the train until you see a sign for Plave. Check the timetable here.

soca valley by train

The train line is connected with Austria (changing in Jesenice) and Italy (changing in Nova Gorica – get off the train, go on a bus which takes you to Gorizia train station). Here is the latest version for Nova Gorica train station to Gorizia train station connection.

One more option. Make a reservation for a steam train along Bohinj railway. Unforgettable experience!

From/To Koper

If coming from Littoral region (Koper, Portorož, Piran, Izola), take a train from Koper to Most na Soči. Check the timetable here. Then continue to Upper Soca valley (Tolmin, Kobarid, Bovec) by bus. From Most na Soči train station, there are regular buses to Tolmin (check it here) from where there are quite more buses to Kobarid and Bovec.

steam train soca valley

Soca valley by car

From/To Bled or Bohinj

The easiest and the fastest way to experience Soca valley is definitely by car. There are rent-a-car companies all around Slovenia. If you are staying in Bled or Bohinj, you can put your car on a car train. Enjoy the scenery. Check the current timetable here.

From/To Kranjska Gora

For all of you who are coming to Soca valley from Kranjska Gora. Take the highest alpine road pass (Vršič) in Slovenia. Stop for a while and built your own stone pyramid 🙂 If traveling in winter time, check the road conditions here.

soca valley by bus

From/To Ljubljana

If traveling from Ljubljana, you will probably use the highway that is passing through Vipava valley. Take a walk through the vineyards, taste outstanding Vipava valley wines and its cuisine. It is worth it before continuing towards Soca valley.

Soca valley by hitchhiking

Hitchhiking works well in Soca valley. You need to be patient, careful and adapt your pace according to your traveling itinerary. Locals are friendly.

Need a guide in Soca valley? Would you like to zig-zag around hidden corners of Soca valley with a local? Send me an email to I would be happy to guide you around.

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If you crave some more local experiences, join my local experiences! What is more, if you need help with your travel planning to Soca valley and/or Slovenia beyond the usual tourist menu , do not hesitate to contact me. Welcome/Dobrodošli!

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