Holiday Home Prlecka Experience

Holiday Home Prlecka Experience

Holiday Home Prlecka is located in the green heart of Jeruzalem rolling hills in the eastern part of Slovenia. It is a perfect accommodation for exploring the Prlekija region.

“When will we arrive? Is it still far away? How much longer? Is there a bunk bed?” and other questions were asked by our 2 children as we drove along zigzagging village roads to Prlekija. The sunset touched a fairytale landscape when we finally arrived at holiday home Prlecka.

Simona greeted us in front of the Prlecka holiday home and showed us around her rural paradise (there is even a self-picking garden with vegetables and herbs, an orchard and grapevines). As soon as we entered the holiday home Prlecka, Lucija and Filip spotted a rocking child chair and a drawing board, giving us just enough time to prepare dinner. There are more games and books for a pleasant stay.

The house has a spacious living room (there is an extra bed for 1-2 people, flat screen TV, fireplace) combined with a dining room, a well-equipped kitchen (induction stove, oven, microwave, dishwasher, refrigerator with freezer, toaster, coffee maker, electric kettle, kitchen utensils), a super clean bathroom with shower (a wooden sink made from a 150-year-old grape press and decorated with the base of an old sewing machine caught my eye first), a decorative bedroom with a king-size bed and a single bed. If you follow the wooden staircase and admire the utensils and tools that the locals used to use, you reach a room with two single beds.

All rooms are furnished with renovated furniture from the Art Nouveau period and decorative elements from the industrialization era. The chandeliers are made from the roots of the grapevine that grows in the nearby vineyard. There is even a wine cellar with bottled wines from the local region for an additional surcharge.

What is more, the holiday home Prlecka has access to the yard with an outdoor barbecue as well. Imagine sipping a coffee in the morning and enjoying the beautiful view while the children swing or play in the sandpit. Priceless. Relaxing.

From the Prlecka holiday home, you can explore what Prlekija has to offer. Or if you do not want to do anything, you can simply spend a day in the garden.

Holiday home Prlecka is a fairytale house with a huge garden in a paradisiacal setting in the Prlekija region. It offers everything you need for a pleasant stay with your family.

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