Hitchhiking Museum in Slovenia

Hitchhiking Museum in Slovenia

Have you ever heard of hitchhiking museum? Are you a hitchhiker? Well, you don’t need to be one to visit the first hitchhiker museum in Slovenia. This year it is based in Bled after Kanal in 2014 and Ljubljana in 2015.

Hitchhiking Museum in Slovenia

Miran Ipavec, hitchhiking enthusiast and storyteller, former mayor of Kanal ob Soči (he attended meetings or official visits by hitchhiking!), founder of first hitchhiker museum in Slovenia and very interesting person to talk to, invited me to experience his hitchhiking museum in Bled.

I took a direct train from Herbal Rooms Homestay to Bled Jezero through stunning Transalpina railway. And then I walked beside Bled lake until I reached the center of Bled.

Hitchhiking Museum in Slovenia

Wow! I was amazed by endless games he prepared for all generation through which you really get to know Europe to its deepest. Do you know the shape of France? Name the capital of Latvia! What is a number plate for Liechtenstein? How does a flag of Sweden look like? Can you guess which one is the smallest/biggest country in Europe?

Hitchhiking Museum in Slovenia

What is more, the museum hosts great selection of maps, traffic signs, notebooks with the names of the places, souvenirs from the road, plastic ice-cream spoons, photos, beer coasters, hitchhikers must-to-have things on the road, flags, fan scarves. And of course. His white hat!

Hitchhiking Museum in Slovenia Hitchhiking Museum in Slovenia

I felt in love with the beer game 🙂

Miran has more than 30 years of hitchhiking experiences as a professional hitchhiker, 368,350 kilometers, 42 European countries. And he even wrote a book Avtoštoparske zgodbe (Hitchhiking stories) which was translated into English and German. Get a book here.

In 2016/2017 his hitchhiking goal is …

Hitchhiking Museum in Slovenia

Meet Miran when you are visiting Bled. You will find hitchhiking museum close to bus station. If you get lost, just ask the locals for directions. Everyone knows Slovenian hitchhiking legend 🙂 Well, next year Miran will move his hitchhiking museum to another town. Most probably to Piran.

What are your hitchhiking experiences?

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