Hiša Franko Experience

Hiša Franko Experience

Experience Hisa Franko cuisine is a special treat to your taste buds. Ana Ros, the best female chef in 2017 (self-taught as a chef!) who was spotted in Chef’s table episode on Netflix (after Netflix episode many international guests from all around the globe (we are hosting them in Herbal Rooms Homestay as well) were traveling to Hisa Franko to experience her cuisine and Soca valley became Slovenian foodie destination number 1) and her restaurant Hisa Franko is holding 38th place among the worlds 50 best restaurants. What is more, in June 2020 Michelin Guide arrived to Slovenia and Hisa Franko received 2 Michelin stars.

Hiša Franko Experience

What is the fuzz about Hisa Franko?

Ana’s philosophy is simple: using the regional ingredients of Soca Valley (dairy products and meat) and its neigbouring regions and following the seasons. Ana Ros works hand in hand with foragers, shephers, cheese makers, fruit producers, hunters and fishermans. Trully Soca valley dining experience with a modern twist.

What it is like to dine at world’s best female chef Ana Ros’ Hisa Franko?

Once you arrive to Hisa Franko, you feel like entering someone’s home. The staff in the service (Karolina, Ervin, Urban and sommelier Alen) and in the kitchen is international (we chatted with some Slovenians as well) and very welcoming. Sommelier Alen even offered to take the guest dog for a walk so dog owners could enjoy a meal without its barking (he must had detected a local cat). The athmosphere was relaxing, not just because of the wine. By the way, we celebrated our 10th anniversary at Hisa Franko so 225 EUR/person/11 course menu with wine pairing with Slovenian natural wines and additional 15 EUR for selection of aged Tolmin cheeses from Valter’s cellar was very well spent. They even surprised me with a special bouquet. Once in a life time experience.

Hiša Franko Experience

Dishes at Hisa Franko are precicely prepared, balanced and inspired. Ingredients are seasonal and fresh. Here is a glimpse of our summer menu 2020:

Hay bread, cultured beeswax butter


Like a kombu / Cured sardine, seaweed, black lemon
Plantago taco and wild plants
Apricot tartelette, baby carrot, blue cheese

Istrian summer truffle bite
Rosette with broad beans, local pit cheese Zemljanka, rose and walnuts

Mountain yoghurt Tzatziki style♥

Buckwheat beignet, sour ricotta and porcini mushrooms


Cold almond soup, peach

Roasted green tea consommé, zucchini and Adriatic tuna fish

Pasta filled with suckling pig of Krškopolje breed, sour cherries and elder blossom, wild horseradish

Trout trilogy from nose to tail /Trout fillet, beurre blanc, poppy seeds and fermented gooseberries, Trout skin with trout belly emulsion and trout liver bottarga, Verbena sensed trout consommé, kaffir lime

Roasted corn tortilla, fake guacamole of lovage and broccoli, Drežnica lamb tartare, wild mustard

Roebuck, beeswax and bee pollen garum, preserved berries, wild mushrooms


Plum and meadow sweet sorbet, cider of acacia flowers, plum juice and mezcal

Tolmin cheese mochi filled with pear butter and elder blossom vinegar, hazelnuts

Sour milk ice-cream and pinus mugo cones, dry plums

Summer fruit and spicy salt

Selection of aged Tolmin cheeses from Valter’s cellar

Hiša Franko Experience

Dining at Hisa Franko in Staro selo close to Kobarid is with no doubt an unique dining event you should experience while touring around Soca valley.

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