Hiking in Goriska brda

Hiking in Goriska brda

Goriska brda, a fairytale region on the western part of Slovenia, has established some amazing hiking trails in the past few years.

I grew up in Soca valley which is only a hill away from Goriska brda. My parents introduced me to hiking when I was a little girl. In the spring time we hiked the hills in the surrounding area (Sabotin, Sveta gora, Vodice, Korada).

hiking Goriska brda

Summer times in Goriska region are really hot. The temperature reaches even over 40 degrees! That is why the region got its nickname Slovene California 🙂 The best way to escape summer heat wave is going to the mountains (especially to the Julian Alps) or cooling down in Soca river. I remember that there was no Sundays without hiking the peak in the mountains.

We were busy hiking in autumn and winter time as well. Mainly to the forest close to the Herbal Rooms where we gathered some firewood (we still have a fire place in our family house!) and spruce branches in order to make wreaths.

wood whistle

But what I liked the most was our hiking through the vineyards in the neighboring region of Goriska brda. Of course, a little dolly was always accompany me 🙂 During these hikes my father taught me how to make a whistle while my mum introduced me into the world of healing plants and wild edibles. Well, and hiking in Goriska brda was not so demanding so I had plenty of time to play with pets we met on the way (cats and dogs). And I still do 🙂

walks in Goriska brda

Wondering why I am still crazy on hiking in Goriska brda region???

Wonder no more 🙂

5 reasons why hiking in Goriska brda

1. Goriska brda region with its picturesque and scenic landscape offers a colorful canvas throughout the year. Take a camera and slow down your travel pace! While walking, you really experience the region to its deepest!

hike Brda

2. You can REALLY hike through the vineyards and orchards. Not only observing them from the distance!

3. Vineyards and orchards are the best playground where you can learn to recognize fruit trees by their skin, branches and flowers. Learn in live!

brda hike and taste

4. Observe, observe, observe. And you will find some remains from our history. For example, some signs such as Tu je Jugoslavija! or a watch tower. Want to learn more how we lived during the time of former Yugoslavia? Send me an email to vesna@slocally.com and make a reservation for a tour with a local guide.

live history Brda

5. When hiking in Goriska brda, you become hungry. Right? In 2015 Goriska brda region won an award of the Slovenian destination of excellence EDEN due to its outstanding oenology and gastronomy. Walk, wine and dine when in Goriska Brda region!

Brda local cuisine

My childhood and teenage period is over. But my passion for hiking follows me where ever I go and what ever I do. Every day is a perfect day for hiking! Goriska Brda is one of the areas in Slovenia with the most sunny days!

Let’s hike in Goriska brda together! You can join my Walking Wine Tour Brda throughout the year. Each walk is custom-made according to your time and personal preferences!

Numerous hotels in Goriška Brda can be found on the Booking.com, but if you want to get away from the crowds you are always welcome in the Herbal Rooms Homestay in Plave.