Hiking along emerald green Soca river

Hiking along emerald green Soca river

Hiking is one of the most popular free time activities by many Slovenians. I love enjoyable walking in the nature especially in Soca valley. Read why you should put Soca valley on your bucket list when in Slovenia. And here is …

… One more reason for you to visit Soca valley! .. Either by riding a bicycle or hiking on a newly open trail!

Do you like to explore and discover new things? Then this one is for you!

plave solkan cycling path

In 2011 I took a photo of 9,27 km long trail on the right Soca riverbank from Plave to Solkan.


In previous years a bunch of people did their best to finish around 9,27 km long trail on the right Soca riverbank from Plave to Solkan. Workers solved all sorts of problems but … they succeeded! And now it is official – the path is safe and open for everyone – also for you. Let’s hike along Soca river!

For more than hundred years the main connection between Nova Gorica and other cities near upper Soca valley (like Plave, Kanal, Most na Soči ) was the Road 103. On the right side of the Soca river the railroad was built in 1906. For locals going to work or to school every day using these two kinds of connections was something normal. You could use your car or a bus or go on a train. Simple as that!

hiking cycling along Soca river

Very well maintained 9,27 km long trail on the right Soca riverbank from Plave to Solkan. Thumbs up!

But what about the tourists? What about the cyclists for example?

The road 103, connecting Solkan and Plave has some heavy traffic. It was repaired and some road turns have been additional reinforced with the additional fencing. But still – this is not the best connection for those travelling by bicycle. Speed limit on this road is 90 km/h and traffic includes all sorts of vehicles – from cars to trucks.

hiking biking Soca valley

Some more curves before you reach Herbal Rooms. You are on your right way 🙂

Re-think your planned way! I have a new one on my mind!

Avoiding this part of the main road was by cyclists usually done by getting on a train in Nova Gorica or Solkan rail station and then heading to Plave (or vice versa). Two a bit longer and steeper ways are still possible. You can avoid main road either by cycling through Goriška Brda or by passing the Mt. Sveta Gora. Those two ways would prolong your travelling experience nevertheless you could enjoy in seeing and exploring some great places though.

But now there is much easier and new, never seen path! Officially opened on 8th January 2016 offers you around 30 minutes of cycling discovery or around 2 hours of nice hiking both done in as far as 10m from Soca river itself. Or even less!

Solkan bridge Soca valley

Still too long for you? Are you getting tired already?

There is a railroad station Šmaver approximately at the centre point of the path – but unfortunately is closed from 2006.
Anyway, if you are late and outside is getting dark, continue your way tomorrow or you will miss the beauty of Miss Soca! Come and stay at our Herbal Rooms in Plave. Here you will get new strengths and more information to discover new interesting things about Soca valley and undemanding hiking trails near by.